Battle Of Techno House 2022 Wiki (March) Video Viral!

If you are interested in knowing about stories with an unexpected twist, read the below article about Battle Of Techno House 2022 Wiki.

Many incidents happen in our day to day life, much of which doesn’t surprise us. However, once in a while, we get stories that we never thought we would stand witness to. Moreover, thanks to social media platforms and internet facilities, these unusual stories are finding ways to reach people Worldwide

One such unusual story that gathered the attention of the netizens and earned itself a Wikipedia page is the Battle Of Techno House 2022 Wiki. It is one of the light moments recorded amidst the dark state of war. 

Therefore without ado, let’s catch up to the story behind this recent Wikipedia page. 

About The Battle of Techno-house

The battle of techno-house started in the middle of the going Ukraine Russian war. As the Russian army attacks and invades many parts of Ukraine, an anonymous person captured this moment between a Russian soldier and a door.

On Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, a video surfaced on Twitter that showed a Russian soldier having a scuffle with a door of the store. This incident has been dubbed since then as Battle Of Techno House Wiki. 

The incident took place in Kherson, Ukraine when a Russian soldier tried to break into a store called Techno House. In the video, the Russian soldier uses ammunition and force to break down the door of this store.

However, after many attempts, the soldier seems to give up and leave the store. The incident was circulated and reached Worldwide, making it a meme-worthy incident.  

People’s Reaction 

As soon as the incident video hit the internet platforms, people’s reactions started to pour in a massive number. There was an influx of comments and hilarious reactions on Battle Of Techno House 2022 Wiki. There are many funny reactions and commentary on the video by the people that showed the impact this video has made.

Many have hilariously congratulated the door for standing its ground and defeating the soldier. There is an outpour of memes and funny videos for the same online. Most of the memes mock the pettiness of the soldier for using ammunition on a door. 

People’s overwhelming reactions even got the internet to notice and dedicate a Wikipedia page to the whole ordeal, which made an uproar of laughter among netizens.

Battle Of Techno House Wiki

Based on the news, we tried to find the Wikipedia page that was made for this funny incident. However, we couldn’t find it present at the currently.

The results showed the Wikipedia page redirected us to another Wikipedia page called Battle of Kherson, which has nothing to do with this meme-worthy incident.

Meanwhile, if you are curious to see this incident, visit here.


To summarise the whole meme-worthy sensation, it is safe to say why people found amusement in this short clip. Many were exhilarated to see Battle Of Techno House 2022 Wiki as a Russian soldier lost to a store’s door. It brings a slight reprieve for people amidst such dark times. 

What are your thoughts on dedicating a Wikipedia page to this incident? Please drop your comments to us in the box below.

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