Zambian Meat Website (Nov 2022) What’s The Case About?

The guide shares details about a unique murder case years ago after the victim and suspect met on the Zambian Meat Website.

Have you ever heard about killing someone and eating body parts because of an intimate motivated act? Hopefully, you have not heard about such brutal and cannibalistic murder. But a couple of years ago, a police detective from Germany was arrested on a charge of performing such cannibalistic murder, and the body parts of the victim were found buried in his home garden. 

The suspect was identified as Detlev G, who worked at the State of Saxony’s Office of Criminal Investigation, as a handwriting analysis professional.

After the news started to circulate, the Worldwide media wanted to cover the news about the Zambian Meat Website murder case. 

What is the Zambian Meat Site?

Zambian Meat Online Site is the discussion forum where like-minded people discuss their cannibalistic and intimate fantasies with other people. It is the discussion forum where people find partners to be murdered or killed or any predators. 

After evaluating, we found that the forum offers intimate torture for sadomasochists and the victims. However, there is no existence of the website at the time of writing. We have found no details about the discussion forum and hence don’t take any authority of the website nor promote the case. 

All information shared is from online sources.    

What is the Zambianmeat Website Murder Case?

According to the local police in Dresden, Germany, a police detective has been arrested on suspicion of butchering and murdering a man he met on the online discussion forum. 

The police said the two men met on Zambian Meat’s discussion forum site. The online chats and text messages between these two men reveal that the 55-year old Detlev G murdered and butchered a 59-year man from Hanover.

According to Police Chief, the victim showed up a unique fantasy on the Zambian Meat Website about being murdered and eaten since childhood. The police spokesperson also said that it is not clear whether or not the suspect has eaten the victim’s body parts or it was an intimately motivated act. No evidence was found that the suspect had consumed the victim’s body parts, and he denied doing that. 

More About the Case!

As per the police spokesperson, both the men met in the chat room of Zambian Meat Site. Since there is no Zambian Meat Wiki page, we can’t confirm the website’s authenticity. All these details are from online sources and police spokespeople. They developed a strong relationship, and after being contacted for several months via email, chats, texts, and phone, they agreed to meet with each other on 4th Nov.

They both met at the main train station, and they went to the guesthouse in the Ore Mountains that belonged to the suspect. It is believed that the suspect killed, dismembered, and tortured the man and buried his body parts in the guesthouse garden.

The victim was reported missing since Nov. Police revealed that the suspect admitted that he murdered the victim from Hanover but hasn’t cleared his motive.


Zambian Meat Website is not functional and active, and there are no details found about the website. But, police have revealed that the victim and the suspect met on this website.

On 4th Nov, they decided to meet because the victim wanted the suspect to torture and murder the victim. Later, when police investigated the case, the suspect was arrested on duty because of this extraordinary murder case. The Worldwide media houses covered the case, and the News is available online for readers.       

Do you have anything to add about the news? Please, share it in the comment section. We have provided you with the information and news only and we do hold the subject’s authority. Also, we do not promote the case and such activities.

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