Shoes On In Shoeless Home {Feb} Find What People Thought

This article describes a controversial article posted on The Wall Street Journal regarding wearing shoes inside the house. Read on Shoes On In Shoeless Home.

Have you heard about controversial writing made by a contributor of the Wall Street Journal? If yes, continue reading this article to know all details about the hot debate around the writer’s statement.

People from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom express their opinions on the article published in the world-famous Journal. Let’s deep dive into the relevant topic and understand what’s happening after the controversial publication. Keep reading till the end on Shoes On In Shoeless Home.

About Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, popular known as The Journal, is a New York-based daily newspaper that provides business-related news and articles. The international edition of The Journal is also available in Japanese and Chinese.

 The Journal is considered the most prominent business-based newspaper since its inception on 8th July 1889. The physical print copy has a daily circulation of over one million, while the daily digital circulation rate is 1,829,000 as per the data on August 2019. The current editor in chief of the daily is Matt Murray. Learn about the Shoes Shoeless Home issue.

Who is Kris Frieswick?

Kris Frieswick is the writer behind the article in which she mentioned that she would wear shoes inside the house that she is not allowed to wear. Kris is a regular columnist of the Wall Street Journal, and her articles based on various topics get published regularly.

The article that sparked critical responses from the readers was published on 10th February 2022, and her previous article was about snow blowing, which was published on 26th January 2022. Her official profile describes her as a deputy editor of Mansion. She has also published “The Ghost Manuscript”, a novel in 2019.

Shoes On In Shoeless Home

  • Kris Fries wick’s article sparked rage among social media users.
  • The writings of Kris received heavy criticism at a more significant level.
  • Twitter users showed their disagreement with Kris’s article by pointing out solid and logical reasons.
  • Wall Street Journal has not responded to the issue yet.
  • People also suggested the racial abuse hidden in the post as many communities don’t encourage wearing shoes inside their houses.

People’s Reaction on social media

  • Most people tweeted against the views described in an article written by Kris.
  • Twitter users suggested not to visit Shoes On In Shoeless Home, which doesn’t encourage wearing shoes.
  • Insulting house owners for their unhygienic floors is another statement mentioned in the article that outraged the social media users.
  • Some Twitter users suggested Kris to wear house slippers if she was obsessed with wearing shoes inside other’s houses.


People have a different perception of various things, like wearing shoes inside their house. As a writer of popular daily, hurting people’s personal choices is not a part of this writing. Its based on personal thoughts. To know more on this topic, please visit.

What is your opinion on the Shoes On In Shoeless Home article? Share your views below.

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