Tishomingo Wreck Truck Driver {March} Cause Of Incident

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Do you know the latest news of Tishomingo, Oklahoma? Do you want to know how the truck accident in Tishomingo affected the people? If yes, this article will help you to know the facts.

Tishomingo truck accident happens in Oklahoma; it is a state in the south region in the United States. 

The news story is based upon a truck accident. The semi-truck collided with a passenger vehicle, the authorities said.

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Small flash on Incident in Tishomingo, Oklahoma

We want to give you the latest news information about Tishomingo. So let us tell you about the same.

As per the reports of authorities, it is confirmed that six high school girls were killed in a truck accident on 24 March. A semi-truck headly smashed a small vehicle in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

The collision between two vehicles happened at 12:30 pm at the three-way section on the Oklahoma Highway.

Highway guard and police officers have exposed the Tishomingo Wreck Truck Driver as Valendon Burton 51.

The vehicle Chevy Spark was carrying six girls of Tishomingo High School. They killed girls in an accident, including two 17-years old and three 15years old girls and one of them 16 years old girls drive the Chevy Spark.

Pictured on Tishomingo Accident

Six of the teenage girls of the high school of Tishomingo were killed in the truck accident on the Oklahoma highway.

  • As per the authority’s reports, the six girls named Gracie Machado, Brooklyn Triplett, Madison Robertson, Austin Holt, Addison Gratz and Memory Wilson.
  • The accident happened by the collision of Truck and the small-vehicle in which all six girls were killed in the accident happens in the United States. 
  • Tishomingo Wreck Truck Driver exposed as Valendon Burton 51 by the police officers and guard.
  • The girl who drove the car was 16 years old, three girls were 15 years old, and two girls were 17 years old in Chevy Spark.
  • The collision accident happens in Johnson country on the Oklahoma Highway.
  • The girl driver and front-seat passenger were the only two who wore seat belts.
  • Four girls are dead in the accident, while the other two girls are dead after arriving at the hospital.
  • Tishomingo schools said the district “suffered a great loss” after the girls were killed in an accident.
  • Superintendent Bobby Waitman said our hearts and broken and sorrow with our students and staff members.
  • The Tishomingo school offers to counsel the students affected by accidents.

Reports on Tishomingo Wreck Truck Driver

As per the reports of Authorities and head officers, the truck driver Valendon Burton 51 was exposed and was responsible for smashing between Truck and Chevy Spark vehicles. These accidents also significantly impact students’ lives and their families and school staff members.


This article tells you about the Truck Driver mistake that causes a highway accident in Oklahoma.

As we tell you, the accident kills the six teenage girls sitting in the Chevy Spark Vehicle. The six girls are students of Tishomingo School, the superintendent said.

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