Victorian Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard {Feb} Details!

This is a well-researched and analyzed article about all the Victorian Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard specifications. Read to know best and more.

Do you love to play golf? Is it your favourite? Are you supporting one of your favourite teams in Victoria Golf 2022? We all have some or other favourite teams in every sport. This write-up will explain all the essential aspects of Victoria Golf 2022. 

This session has a huge fan base whether we talk about Australia, the United Kingdom. Readers here must search for updates about Victorian Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard

Please read this article to extract most of it about Victorian Golf 2022. Let us begin- 

About the championship of Victorian Golf

This is a series of golf championships where many teams play to win for the sake of their nation. 

The 2022 session is planning not to discriminate between men and women. 

The series of this championship was introduced in 1957. 

There is a rule of this championship we can say, where male and female both the genders participate in different rounds equally to win the game and trophy. 

Victoria Open Golf Leaderboard 2022: Male 

The dashboard of the men’s section is entirely enthusiastic. 

The non-professionals and professionals both are invited here to participate. 

John Lyras was a non-professional player, but gradually he turned into a professional and right now, he is on top with 950 ranks.  

Dimitrios Papadots is a player who has been playing professionally from the beginning and has acquired his place next to John.


  • John on number 14.
  • Dimitrios on number 11.
  • Jake is also on number 11. 
  • Cameron on number 10. 
  • Aron at number 09.

Victorian Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard: Female 

The Leaderboard of female participants is also attractive at the same time along with men. 

If the readers may focus on the female Leaderboard, it is mentioned there that all three 1st position holders are from S.korea. 

All these toppers are professional golf champions. 


  • Park Hee-Young on the Top. 
  • Choi- Hye-Jin on number 2. 
  • Ryu-so-yeon on number 3. 

Where will the event take place? 

The excellent golf championship is almost here. The place chosen by the officials for this respective event of Victoria Open Golf Leaderboard 2022 is the Peninsula of Victoria’s Bellarine. 

The event will start on 10th February 2022 and last until 13th February 2022. It is a free entry event, and the organizers will provide all the basic aid to the audience. 

All the first aid facilities، washroom hours, vehicle parking and dining facilities will be provided there. 

As part of the audience, you are only expected to come and enjoy the event.

Final Wrap-up 

After analyzing every bit of the collected information, the article would like to conclude that the Victorian Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard will be a fantastic event. 

Please let us know your favourite player or team you are supporting this year in the comments below- 

Besides, if you want to have a quick look over John Lyras personality and career, please visit here.  

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