Poughkeepsie Bridge Accident {May 2022} Know The Facts!

This article will provide readers with the circumstances and details of the Poughkeepsie Bridge Accident and the aftermath of the situation and settlement.

Are you all ears for the recent major accident in Poughkeepsie? Do you know what leads to this scene? On Wednesday, in a city in the United States, an Audi A6 was rash driving on the mid-Hudson bridge in the oncoming traffic. 

This led to a major accident on Poughkeepsie Bridge, further worsened by a series of more accidents. This scene happened when the police tried to pull him over, and the victim tried to escape. The Mid-Hudson Bridge connects two major cities, i.e. Poughkeepsie and Highland, where the Poughkeepsie Bridge Accident took place. 

What Happened In The Accident?

On Wednesday morning, Tyzhan Catts, 23, was pursued by the State police for driving the oncoming traffic at high speed and recklessly. Both the riders were charged for- 

  • Riding recklessly, 
  • Riding ongoing traffic, 
  • Causing fatalities to the other riders, 
  • Fleeing and abusing on-duty police officers and 
  • Driving in unfit antidote consuming condition.

In chasing this man, police could not stop the traffic on time, and fatalities occurred. This panic created by the event added more curiosity among the public and civilians. Also, after this Accident Mid Hudson Bridge, more accidents happened on the spot due to high pile-ups of vehicles and the unfamiliarity of people with this accident. 

As this was the high traffic time and everyone was mostly rushing to their workplace or coming back home from their workplace, this hustle created panic. This bridge is across the Hudson River that connects Poughkeepsie and Highland, which are important states of the United States. 

Several ambulances were called to take away the injured, and the bridge was closed for more than 2 hours to clear the damaged vehicles. 

Poughkeepsie Bridge Accident– Fatalities:

State police have recorded some major fatalities, yet not life-threatening. Injured admitted to Mid-Hudson regional hospital. Some of the major injured cases that have been recorded are Michael (62), Doris (32), and Kevin (40). 

Police had also mentioned Teri (28), the co-passenger with Tayzan, when the accident happened. The major reason behind the accident was the reckless driving of the duo with antidote consumption. They were charged with fleeing from an on-duty officer, reckless driving, and driving while on brain muscle relaxing products. Later released on an appearance ticket.

Problems After Accident Mid Hudson Bridge- 

Mid-Hudson bridge is the sixth-longest suspension bridge globally, making it the busiest and most important for New Yorkers. Sometimes, it has limited visibility due to fog, and accidents like these can worsen the whole situation. This bridge was closed for hours after the accident from both sides, and it caused people a high inconvenience.

Many were unfamiliar with what was happening, and hustle created more accidents on the spot. Other riders were diverted to different routes to clear the traffic and other fatalities. Many people were informed through the NYS bridge authority on their Twitter handle to calm down the panic.


The Poughkeepsie Bridge Accident and the sudden shutdown of this bridge, accompanied by the silence of the police for starting hours of struggle, developed curiosity and panic about the situation. 

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