Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stopped {May} Know Issue, Fix!

This article is about Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stopped and the solutions to fix them. Read more on this topic.

Do you want to know why LG IMS has stopped? Are you interested to know what LG IMS is? If so, read the article till the end.

People in the United States and other countries are trying to know about the problem, and people are also complaining. If you also want to know why Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stoppedread the article till the end without any distraction.

Why has LG IMS Stopped?

Many people are facing problems after the LG IMS has stopped. LG IMS is a Multimedia subsystem framework that helps operate VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. Users request a response from T Mobile support regarding the issue and ask questions on Twitter and other social media platforms. Some users respond that when they ask T-Mobile for help about fixing the issue, they respond that the issue would be fixed as soon as possible but do not know when it will be fixed. Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stopped Working, and the users are also in a big problem.

Usages of LG IMS

Besides providing the services of VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, some users say that it is also responsible for high battery usage. Sometimes people think that the app is reducing and draining the battery when they see IMS in battery usage. 

IMS service can help to operate location services to detect you and help your Wi-Fi calling to operate flawlessly. Even if the Emergency location service of Android is disabled on a mobile, the device cannot deliver the location, but the carrier can show the location.

How to Fix the issue –  Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stopped? 

Unfortunately, in many mobiles of LG devices the LG IMS message has started popping up. Sometimes it appears occasionally, but sometimes, it keeps popping continuously and causes problems using your phone. There are many ways to solve this problem. Let’s know them

  • Uninstall those applications which have been installed recently.
  • Change the setting as IPV6V4 to IPV4V6
  • If you cannot fix your mobile by applying the above two ways, you can factory reset your device.
  • You can disable the LG IMS by going to the hidden menu and dialling 277634. 

Know more about the solution if, Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stopped Fix.

One more solution is to install a stock ROM. If you have low knowledge of technology and find difficulty in applying this process, you can take the help of Google. You can follow the process on the basis of the result found on Google. 

By applying any of the processes mentioned earlier, you can fix the issue. Try one by one. Apply another if the previous one does not work. Then it will be easy to follow the process for you.


Users are worried due to this sudden problem, and many are trying to fix it. LG is also trying to solve the problem as soon as possible. Since, Unfortunately Lg Ims Has Stoppedpeople should take the help of other people having technical knowledge. To know more, please visit  

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