Who Is Stacey Park Milbern {May 2022} Complete Info!

Who Is Stacey Park Milbern? The article details a well-known person who has worked tirelessly to promote human equality. Scroll down the entire post.

Do you wish to know about Stacey Milbern? If yes, keep checking out this post as we will discuss this renowned personality. 

Milbern is getting incredibly popular and rising on the web due to Google honouring her on her 35th birthday. So, as a result of this information, individuals began googling for information about her. People of the United States are urged to know about her and her demise. So, let’s get started with the post Who Is Stacey Park Milbern.

About Stacey Park Milbern

Stacey Park Milbern was a well-known Korean-American disabled rights activist who contributed to finding the disability justice movement and pushed for true equality for disabled individuals. Milbern passed on May 19, 2020, and doodle celebrated her 35th birthday on May 19, 2022.

When she died two years ago, the entire United States was in sadness, and they still recall her. Through battling for disabled people’s freedom, she achieved many rights connected to fairness. She was a ray of hope for many individuals. She devoted her entire life to fighting for people’s freedom.

Stacey Park Milbern Quotes

Milbern has written so many quotes in her life. As the world honors Stacey for her contributions to humanity, she has authored numerous comments about human equality. Stacey  Milbern also fought for the rights of disabled persons all around the nation. 

One of her famous quotes is that we have no cause to be embarrassed by our roots. We came into this planet exactly as we are. We are who we were created to be. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of improvement. Learn, change, and improve. Keep reading for more detail. 

Who Is Stacey Park Milbern?

Google doodle thought to memorialise a woman who contributed significantly to the disability justice fight during the Asian Pacific American History Month event. 

She was about 33 years old when she passed, even though she had a strong ambition to fight for disabled people and be a safety net.

What was Stacey Park’s death Cause?

As a consequence of her sickness, Stacey Park Milbern passed away. She had renal cancer that was fast advancing. She passed away at 33 due to prolonged surgery and complications at the surgical site.

While analysing Stacey Milbern Park Obituary, we found that she continued to work as an activist and help people less fortunate despite her illness. She collaborated with the Disability Liberation Culture Group from her Oakland house to deliver handmade illness kits to homeless persons when the coronavirus pandemic came out in 2020.


The Google Doodle honours Milbern, an impairment rights founder whose death and birth dates are the same. Milbern’s contributions to the disabled community have been recognised even two years after her passing. Milbern was most recognised for her work in the American handicap rights movements.

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