Fossils Last Stand Racist (May) More About The Incident

The guide shares the incidents and reactions after a lady passenger makes Fossils Last Stand Racist remarks to the Lyft driver.

Have you seen the Lyft Driver’s viral video where he promptly responded to racist remarks made by his passengers? The viral video gained over 5 million views since it was posted on social media on Sunday. 

The political strategist, Adam Parkhomenko, posted the viral video recorded inside the Lyft car by the driver, James Bode. The incident was in Pennsylvania, where the driver refused to accept the passenger’s ride after she made racist remarks. 

Many viewers in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom want to know about the Fossils Last Stand Racist comment. 

All About the Racist Comment!

Last weekend, the Fossils Last Stand bar owner in Catasauqua booked a ride. The car arrived at her location, and the bar owner, Carl Harford, got inside the car and passed a racist comment. She said, “You are a White Guy.” It can be seen in a viral video.

In response, the driver asked the passenger, in shock, what is that? She replied, are you a white guy? Are you a normal guy speaking English? In response to her racist comment Bode decided to cancel the ride and asked her to get out of the car. 

Bode addressed Jackie, who booked the ride, and told him about the racist comment as per Fossils Last Stand Review

What Happened After the Comment?

After the lady made a racist comment to the car driver, he decided to cancel the ride and asked the lady to get off the car. In response to her comment, the driver reacted and said, “If somebody is not white driving the car, what difference it makes.”   

He also addressed Jackie, who booked the ride and said about her comment. The man was off the camera, and he couldn’t be seen. But, the driver said he filmed the incident, and the man commented on him and said he would blow a punch on his face before throwing a racial insult at the driver. 

How Viewers Reacted to the Fossils Last Stand Racist  Viral Video?

After the driver posted the incident’s video on FB and again political strategists on Twitter posted it, he gained many views from worldwide users. Many people and bar visitors were annoyed with the racist comment made by the bar owner. 

People were seen reacting to the comment, and they gave a one-star rating on different review portals for the bar. 

People wrote unfavorable comments and reviews against the bar and owners. In the Fossils Last Stand Review, one user said that people must avoid visiting the bar, and some users have supported the driver’s reaction to racist remarks and said everyone must be treated like this only for racism.  You may read the Threads and Comments of users on the incident.  


Racism gradually damages society, and it must be avoided with the necessary measures. We have checked that the incident with a Lyft driver was unacceptable. Everyone supported the driver for his quick responses against the Fossils Last Stand Racist comment made by his passenger. 

What do you have to say about the incident? Please share it in the comment section.

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