George Snellings Monroe La {June} What Happened To Him

This article describes the sudden demise of a prominent American lawyer, largely discussed among social media users. Read about George Snellings Monroe La.

Are you shocked by the news regarding the demise of a popular American lawyer? Do you want to know more information related to the tragic viral news? Then, read this write-up until the end to deeply understand this topic.

Social media users from the United States are saddened after the viral online posts mentioning the demise of a prominent lawyer George Snellings Monroe La.

Let’s look at the details associated with the unfortunate lawyer’s death that shook online media users.

What Happened to Lawyer George Snellings?

George Snellings is one of the most trending names on major social media platforms and online forums after several posts mentioned Snelling’s demise. However, the reason behind his death is not mentioned in any official statement from the police or family members.

Most social media users couldn’t believe the viral online media posts to be true. The Ouachita Parish Clerk from the court verified Snelling’s demise with a Facebook post of George Snellings Obituary published on 17th June 2022.

About George Snellings

  • George Snellings is a famous lawyer who practiced in Louisiana.
  • Snellings served as a safety agency member for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) between 1993 and 2001. 
  • He completed his law education at Mississippi College School of Law and Louisiana State University.
  • He had several prominent associations with major law-based associations such as L.A. Defense Lawyers, The Mississippi Bar, Louisiana State, Federal and American Bar and Fourth Judicial District.
  • Snellings’s conducted his practice at his official company address, 1507 Royal Avenue, P.O. Box 14420, Monroe, Louisiana.

George Snellings Monroe La

  • The major law practice areas by George Snellings are commercial litigation, insurance defense, professional liability and collections.
  • Apart from the major areas, Snellings also had a great interest in the areas such as general litigation defense, product liability law, workers compensation law, domestic law and governmental tort liability, to name a few.
  • Snellings practiced accounting with Ernst & Young between 1989 and 1991 in Huston, Texas.
  • The deeds done to help his clients with his prolonged experience and proficiency in law are renowned in the community of lawyers.

George Snellings’s Age and Family

  • The official date of birth of George Snellings Monroe La is not available on his online profile. However, considering his physical appearance, he seems to be in his 40s or 50s.
  • Snellings had a very private family life. He married Janelle in 2001 and has three children Quinn, Georgia and Sallie Jayne.
  • His current relationship status with his wife, Janelle, is unknown.
  • The information related to Snellings’s parents is also unavailable yet.


The death of George Snellings has saddened social media users, expressed through their condolence posts. Unfortunately, an official report regarding his reason for death is yet to come. To know more details about this topic, kindly visit at this link.

Have you read any recent posts on George Snellings Monroe La? If yes, please mention it below. 

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