Wordle Answer June 18 (June 2022) Check Updates Here!

The post discusses Wordle Answer June 18 and elaborates on a few hints to guess the correct word.

Do you know Wordle will be one year old in just two days? Well, as it gets closer to celebrating its first anniversary, the game developed by Josh Wardle has been testing players Worldwide with its answers.

We have witnessed that while the answer for 17 June 2022 was quite easier to guess, the one released on 18 June 2022 did leave players brainstorming a lot. Thus, in this article, we will be elaborating further on Wordle Answer June 18 and discuss the general strategy for the game.

Why is today’s Wordle answer in the news?

Wordle released its 364th puzzle on Saturday, 18 June 2022. Each day, players Worldwide are provided with a new puzzle; the one released on Saturday was tough. Thus, to begin with, the five-letter word is not a native or usual word used in English. It is derived from the Spanish language.

Another guess for the answer is that it relates to the field of biology and, more precisely, allied industries. With spoiler alert ahead, the answer is CACAO. In the coming section, we will elaborate on Wordle Today Answer June 18 2022, and look into the hints provided.

More information on Wordle

  • Wordle is one of the fondest word puzzles that has gone viral online
  • It includes guessing a five-letter word within six attempts
  • However, the game does hint to players whether their guess is correct or not
  • For instance, on inputting the correct answer, the tile changes to green
  • If the word is part of the puzzle, yet placed incorrectly, then the tile turns yellow
  • On the other hand, the wrong answer changes the tile colour to grey
  • Wordle was brought by New York Times considering its popularity

Wordle Answer June 18 – Hints About the Puzzle

The answer of 18 June 2022 was considerably difficult to solve compared to other wordle puzzles. Here are a few hints for the solution to the puzzle released on Saturday:

  • It is not a native word of English
  • It is a word from the Spanish language
  • It includes two vowels in which one repeats twice
  • The word ends with another vowel O
  • It is a word that relates to chocolates

Were you able to think of the chocolaty word? Based on the hints provided, The Wordle Answer June 18 2022 is CACAO. Wasn’t that a tricky answer? Most players found guessing the answer easy; however, they also confused it with Cocoa. It is related to chocolates.

Final Conclusion

While most players could come close to guessing the answer, they may get confused with a similar word, Cocoa. Cacao is the seeds obtained from the tropical evergreen tree in America. It is used to acquire cocoa butter, chocolate, Cocoa, etc. The word was easy, but that did require much guessing and brainstorming to guess the correct answer.

Do you want to know about Wordle Answer June 18? Then read. Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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