Estonia Wordle {May 2022} Know The Gameplay Details!

The article describes all the related information of Estonia Wordle and gathers the same details about the languages used in the puzzle.

Have you heard of the Estonian language? Do you know that the game Wordle is played in 64 languages? Not many of us know all the languages, but recently we learned about the Estonia territory where the game is being played in their language. People Worldwide are playing the puzzle, all are playing in their particular languages. Similarly, the Estonian territory plays the game in their language. We will tell you all the details of Estonia Wordle in this post.

Why has the news gained the limelight?

As we all know, Wordle is played by different people of the world in their native language. Similarly, we learned about territory with its language, and not many of us know about it. The territory is Estonia, and the language spoken there is the Estonian language. People have played the game Wordle in their language and are solving the puzzle to get to the right answer. We are well aware of the English language, but this is something new to us and the readers will know the details in this article.

Essential points on Estonia Game

Wordle has the same guidelines everywhere around the globe, and there are no changes in the game’s rules except the language. As there are languages present in the game, we are well aware that every country will opt to play in their native language in which they are comfortable. Wordle is the same everywhere. The players are given six attempts to guess the five-letter word. The clues in the wordle game come according to the language you have chosen to play, and nothing else is different in the game.

Detailed discussion on Estonia Wordle

The creator launched Wordle to get rid of boredom and pass their time during the pandemic. Since the launch, the players are leaving no turn to play the game, and they are very regular in their game. Wordle has gained the limelight due to the language used in the game, and Estonian is one of the 64 languages used in the game. We were unaware of the territory and the languages used, but we came to know about the area due to this game. The Wordle is nothing different and is called Estonia Gametoo, and the guidelines are the same for all the players.

People who want to know more about the wordle game can read here and know the 64 languages in which the game is launched.


Wordle is a very interesting game to play, and the game’s rules are more interesting. Players are given six attempts and then wait for the next day to restart the game with new clues and options. The game has gathered positive reviews from all sides. Have you played the game recently? Did you know about all the languages used in the game? Have you heard of Estonia Wordle? Comment below.

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