Edmond Motorcycle Accident {July} Find What Happened!

Read the latest news about the Edmond Motorcycle Accident on Tuesday. Also, learn about the status of Edmond police officer.

Did you hear the news of an accident in Oklahoma City in the United States? Though the accident took place in the city limits of Oklahoma, the police officer who passed away in the accident was from Edmond police department. It is a developing story, and information about the police officer and his identity is awaited.

Let’s check all the related facts that are available about the Edmond Motorcycle Accident.

Timeline of the accident:

Edmond Police Department public information specialist Emily Ward informed that the accident occurred on Tuesday, 19th July 2022, in the afternoon at approximately 3:00 PM. The police officer sustained multiple injuries and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon. However, by the end of the day on Tuesday, it was made public that the police had passed away.

Identity of the officer:

Emily Ward informed that Edmond Police Department would not reveal the identity of the police officer at this time. She requested everyone to remember the police officer who died in the Edmond Motorcycle Accident and his family in their prayers.

The eyewitnesses of the accident were shocked and could only say it was a nasty incident. They saw the helmet and the flashlight of the police officer fall apart a few meters away from his bike.

About the vehicles involved in the Accident:

Five vehicles were involved in the accident, including four cars and the police officer’s bike. The commuters were waiting as the traffic light flashed red. A Mercedes car stopped at the signal. The driver noticed in the side mirror that a commercial pickup vehicle loaded with iron stairs was traveling at high speed and not stopping.

Death in the Edmond Motorcycle Accident:

The police officer’s bike was pinned between both the vehicles as the commercial vehicle crashed at the signal. Two more cars were damaged in the accident. Unfortunately, the police officer sustained multiple injuries. His bike was crushed between the two vehicles. We can imagine the severity of the accident and the condition of the police officer.

Progress of the investigation:

The police officer was from Edmond Police Department. However, the accident occurred in the city limits of Oklahoma, between 33rd St and Memorial Road near the comfort drive on the Broadway Extension. Hence, the investigation of Edmond Motorcycle Accident comes under the Oklahoma police department. 

Gary Knight, the master sergeant with the Oklahoma City Police Department, informed that the investigation is underway. But, they cannot provide more information this time. 


The rescue work was in progress, and the officer was initially sent to the hospital by the crew in an ambulance. The authorities confirmed the news about the officer’s death as early as 4:50 PM. However, Emily Ward from Edmond Police Department officially confirmed the death at the end of the day. Heavy traffic congestion was observed on the road.

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