Pierrick Houle Accident {July 2022} Get Incident Facts!

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Are you an absolute sports person and specifically so into cycling? If so, you must have heard about the name of Houle who’s a champion of Canada. Hugo Houle is a cyclist who is a 31 years old famous personality due to his sport, which is cycling. 

Currently, he’s famous for his brotherly nature. Hugo had a brother who wasn’t very famous and his name was Pierrick. A brutal accident snatched a loved one from Hugo’s life. Rest is the heart-wrenching saga of the Pierrick Houle Accident which is explained below-

When and How Did Pierrick Die? 

Pierrick was a younger brother of Hugo whose accident took place in 2012. At that time, Hugo was just a 21 years old young boy who was shaken by his brother’s sudden and brutal demise. Pierrick became a victim of a road accident where a drunk driver hit him and ran. 

Due to that abrupt slamming, Pierrick couldn’t survive and left this world, especially his heartbroken elder brother. Both of them were so into the Tour de France which is an annual men’s multiple-stage bicycle competition. 

Connection of Pierrick Houle Accident with Tour de France

As we mentioned, the Houle brothers were keen to see the race as young people. So, a responsible and willful elder brother decided to work hard toward fulfilling his brother’s fantasy. Hugo started struggling to win the Tour de France. 

And, finally, in 2022, the 31-year-old cyclist became the following Canadian eternally to win a phase at Tour de France. He finally achieved this victory for his late brother after 10-12 years and he devoted his stage-16 triumph to his younger brother. He still can’t forget the Pierrick Houle Accident

What are Hugo’s Words for his Brother Now? 

After the grand and unbelievable win, Hugo was just uttering one thing: he had only one ambition to achieve the stage for his brother. Let us notify you that it was a remarkable 40km solo endeavor that got Hugo to first ever Tour stage success. He not only succeeded as a brother but as an amazing citizen too. 

After the announcement of his winning on 19th July 2022, he became extraordinarily emotional. He was so happy that words couldn’t come out of his mouth. He said that he worked for 10-20 years to achieve this conquest after the Pierrick Houle Accident just for his brother. Everything was incredible for him and words couldn’t do justice to his happiness. 

Why is this Accident Trending? 

The accident is visibly trending because of the wonderful victory of one of the Houle brothers. He began struggling for it only for his brother and even dedicated the triumph to his late younger brother as well. Unfortunately, there are no details or information about Pierrick Houle anywhere to give detailed data to our readers. 


In conclusion, this recent win of Hugo Houle made everyone proud and emotional. The Pierrick Houle Accident was the main source for Hugo to push himself toward victory. Our hearts are still aching for an elder brother who still can’t get over the pain of losing his younger brother. 

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