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The post describes the Cat Blender Video Link and lets the readers know whether the video is still available online.

Are you aware of the viral video circulating on the Internet about a cat in a blender? The video was so disturbing and distressing that it is still a topic of discussion among people Worldwide. Many viewers have already come across the video on online platforms and are devastated to find such videos circulating online.

Many are still searching for the video link online, and we will discuss whether the Cat Blender Video Link is available online or has been taken down.

Disclaimer-We do not intend to spread any unfavourable information in this article. The details provided here are taken from online sources.

Updates on the link provided on the Internet

The video came under inspection when a user shared it on Twitter, and from there, it began circulating to various online platforms. During circulation, people came across the video, and they backlashed the person present behind the crime and demanded strict action against him. 

Is the Link Viral On Reddit?

The Cat in the Blender video became viral on Reddit and other platforms, gathering much-unwanted attention from people. But now, the platform has taken strict action, and it is not allowing the viewers and the users to post the video online. Even after several warnings to remove the video, people still post it.

Where can we find Cat in Blender Real Video Link?

The Cat in the Blender video link was available on all social media websites when it was circulated, but now it doesn’t seem easy to get it on online public platforms. The video violates the terms and policies of using the social media website, and the users requested not to post any sense it is content that could disturb the other users using the platform.

Viewers’ Reactions on the social media platforms

People who came across the video are furious, and at the same time, they are distressed about finding such inhumane activity on the Internet and it has spread to Instagram. These kinds of activities question the sentiments of people towards animals and their responsibility towards them. They demanded strict action against the person and wanted to see him behind bars.

Telegram channel updates on the video

The video was shared on Telegram when it was circulated. Still, the channel has no links to the video, nor does it allow people to post or transmit such videos in private groups or other media. People are requesting others not to post or share the heinous video on the Internet and to stop this spread of sensitive content.

Presence of YouTube links for the cat Blender video

The Cat in a Blender video is only partially posted on YouTube. However, there is news associated with the same, and people who wish to know about what happened in the video can visit the channel for detailed information. There are various funny cat videos present on the track.

Is the video link available on Twitter?

The Cat in a Blender video was first posted on Twitter by a user on his account. From there, it was shared on various other platforms. People are sharing their views on how the video took a toll on their mental capacity, and they cannot unsee it. It is heartbreaking to find such insensitive nature of humans towards animals.

TikTok posts related to the video

We have not personally encountered any tik tok posts related to the video. Even if shared, the official authorities have taken down the video from the online website.

Social media links




The Cat in a Blender video link has become the most heated topic of discussion among people. Sources reveal that the man behind the crime is arrested and is behind bars. The man is from China and the police officials have caught him.

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Cat Blender Video Link-FAQs

  1. Where is the video from?

The video is from China.

  1. Who is the person in the video?

According to the sources, he is a Chinese food blogger.

  1. Is the cat video real?


  1. Is the Cat in a Blender video still available online?

The video has yet to be found online.

  1. Where was the video first shared?


  1. What action should be taken by the animal activists?

They should create awareness among people about the responsibility towards animals.

  1. Is the video found on YouTube?


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