Voteamas Com 2022 {Oct} Explore When And How To Vote!

Voteamas com 2022 will talk about how you can vote in your favourite category, some of the nominees and till when the voting window is open.

Do you know that American Music Awards is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year? Have you started voting for your favourite category? Are you aware of how you can vote? Do you know when the award will air? 

People across the United States and India are showing excitement after the Nomination was announced. And with the voting window now open, it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to choose the best. Let us answer some of the questions through our post- Voteamas com 2022.


When was the Nomination announced?

Tuesday, 13th October 2022, AMAs nominations were announced, and the voting window is open till 14th November at 11:59:59 p.m. PT in all 37 categories.

However, for K-pop, people must wait until 1st November to start voting.

The nominations were based on data from September 2021 to September 2022.

American Music Awards (AMAs) was started in 1972, and this 2022, it is celebrating and hosting its 50th AMAs. The award show is ready to go live globally from Microsoft Theatre on 20th November.

How to vote for AMAs- Voteamas com 2022?

To vote for your favourite category, you can either head to or visit Twitter.

To vote via Twitter, you must include your name and category on your public account.

This year, six new categories were added:

  • Favourite rock song
  • Favourite rock album
  • Favourite K-pop artist
  • Favourite soundtrack
  • Favourite Afrobeats artist
  • Favourite touring artist

Some of the nominees are:

It is overwhelming for fans to vote for their favourite artists. Many artists this year were nominated in more than four categories. It will be difficult for them to choose between their favourite artists in such a situation. Let us see some of the artists whom you can vote for through Voteamas com 2022this year:

  • Bad Bunny got 8 nominations in a different category.
  • Beyonce 6 nominations
  • The Weeknd 5 nominations
  • Drake 6 nominations
  • Taylor Swift 6 nominations
  • Harry Styles 5 nominations
  • Adele 5 nominations.


The best musical talent is nearly one month away, and fans have already started voting for this. We congratulate all the AMAs nominees and wish them the best. You can vote for your favourite artist in different categories today by clicking here.

Whom are you going to vote for in Voteamas com 2022? Comment in the section below if you are eagerly waiting for AMAs.

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