Liberta Brillare Scam {April} Explore Legitimacy Details

Read about Liberta Brillare Scam to know about indications of pointing out its legitimacy.

Did you come across in the United States and the United Kingdom, and would you like to read its reviews? Did you know that its terms and privacy policy content is stolen from The mission statement of is generic and stolen from 

One YouTube review and more than twenty website reviews of suggest that it is potentially a scam. Four customer reviews rated 3.3/5 stars.Let’s check about to scrutinize Liberta Brillare Scam.

Brief: is a newly launched e-store specializing in selling 18k gold plated jewellery. was registered in  Iceland on 28th February 2022. It is one month and 29 days old and expires on 22nd February 2022. Fifty percent of customers suggested that is not authentic. has a terrible trust rating of 1% and a below-average business ranking of 42.1%. It has a poor Alexa ranking of 963,884. has scored considerably on threat profile with 43/100 score, 33/100 on phishing profile, 34/100 on span profile, 43/100 on malware profile. 

Liberta Brillare Jewelry website scored 23/100 on the suspicion profile, proving that it is less trustworthy. The website may target the personal and payment information of the users, may install mini ads and apps that could risk the security of your user’s devices, and utilize the contact information of the users to send spam messages. sends data on a secured HTTPS connection. However, its IP does not has a valid SSL certification which holds security risks. The Identity and contact details of its owners are censored using services from the Withheld for Privacy EHF organization. 

About Liberta Brillare Scam website: sells 15 variants of Rings, 20 variants of earrings including Chain, Hoop, Stud, and Pearl Earrings; 9 types of Bracelets, 52 Necklaces including Chains, Choker, Pearl, Shell, and Zodiac Necklaces; Custom Pieces, Men’s Collection, Heart Collection, Pearl Collection, and Shell Collection. 

@liberta.brillare has more than 324K Instagram followers. Customer reviews are not supported by The website has poor logical inventory control which allows users to order 100K quantity of the same item. takes three days processing time and thirty days for delivery. The long delivery timeline points out at Liberta Brillare Scam. The shipment cost differs depending on your location. But, order tracking is not possible for orders. allows 30 days to return the jewellery. However, the timeline for refunds is not provided. The shipping cost is non-refundable. The contact number, physical address and store locations are not specified on but include customer service email –


There are only two positive customer reviews for Instagram followers complained about spamming. has scored considerably on suspicion, malware, threat, phishing and spam profile. We do not recommend as it is originated in high-risk country and has a short life expectancy. Liberta Brillare Scam is true as showed terrible TrustRank, Business Rank and Alexa Ranking.

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