Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Things {April} Series Updates

If you are also interested in knowing about Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Things, follow this post. Here we have described everything you need to know about it.

Have you watched Stranger Things, a Netflix series? Are you waiting for the next season? Do you know about this show and the NFT connection? Are you aware of the website Iamhellmaster com? What is the connection between stranger things and Iamhellmaster? 

Followers of Strangers Things across the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Brazil seems unhappy. But for the details, you need to read the post, Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Thingstill the end. So, are you ready? Let us begin!

Stranger Things 4 and Netflix NFT:

Stranger Things Trailer launched two weeks ago, and the fourth season is all set to release on May twenty seventh on Netflix. However, people do not like Netflix’s collaboration with Candy Digital’s platform.

Candy Digital is now a Netflix partner for NFT. We all are aware NFT provides diversification benefits, but scams, on the other hand, are on the rise. Therefore, people also want this not to trick them. 

What is I Am Hellmaster.com?

In previous weeks many stranger things followers notice an alternate reality game that sends a website iamhellmaster.com. It displays with the message of congratulation on discovering the mysterious journey of Stranger Things 4 brought by Candy Digital.

Also, they mentioned the mystery revealed after playing puzzles, decoding the message, and collecting rewards. But the website itself is counting on April 30 2022.

However, people who signed up find strange things happening. On the website, there is not any mention of NFT. Talking about Iamhellmaster.com, it has a recently launched website and has a terrible trust rating.

Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Things:

It can be easily seen that candy teamed up with Netflix to release Stranger Things NFT as a part of the promotional campaign. Moreover, Iamhellmaster.com has also taken advantage of Stranger Things four trailer.

However, Stranger Things followers showed disagreement on social media. One Reddit user negatively reacted. Most of them slammed NFT for disturbing the existing situations and doing fraud. Hatred apart, Netflix is not the first media corporation to launch NFT based on the TV show. In the past, few were there, and in the future, there will be many.

What about Candy Digital?

Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Things Netflix partners with Candy digital, so let us see about Candy Digital.

Candy digital boasts of itself as a next-generation digital collectable company. The company brings world-class digital artists and creators to develop a wide range of NFT. The company launched in May 2021 with an exclusive partnership with prominent sports properties.


We have talked about Netflix Stranger Things four, NFT, digital candy and Iamhellmaster.com connection. Currently, followers are criticizing the Netflix collaboration. You can watch the trailer of the Stranger Things four here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQEondeGvKo) and guess how it is linked Iamhellmaster.

What do you have to say on Iamhellmaster Com Stranger Things? Tell us in the comment section if you have watched its previous seasons.

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