Ardisantedote Com {April} Explore What It Provides!

Read about Ardisantedote Com, a recently launched website providing health, medicines, and insurance information. takes the users to a default page that gives search criteria results. You may not enter any search questions, try to access via or any other search engine. 

Did you know that the website name comprises two words – Ardis and the second-word Antidote? The instant you enter the website URL, it is assumed that you are searching for health and medicine-related topics in the United States. Therefore, let’s check below interesting facts related to Ardisantedote Com.


As per online sources, Janci Chunn Lindsay (Ph.D., MD Toxicology and Molecular Biology Toxicology Support Services), who has more than thirty years of work experience, said the vaccinated spread the mutant variants. It was with regards to the Covid-19 virus. 

Similarly, many doctors believe that high-risk victims should be treated without vaccination and using effective medicines such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Likewise as mentioned online, the recommendation of Dr. Bryan Ardis made a piece of trending news as he supported 10,000mg of vitamin-C and vitamin-D3; 500 to 1000mg of magnesium chloride or magnesium caltrate, and 200mcg of selenium.

This is also Covid treatment protocol and helps in enhancing immunity. Currently, his recommendation is POPULARLY TRENDING as Ardis Antidote. After his recent recommendation, the website was launched. 

The website’s name is based on the name of Dr. Bryan Ardis, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ardis Labs. However, Ardis Labs and Dr. Bryan Ardis are neither the owners nor endorse The information about the identity and contact information of the website’s owners are censored using the services of Super Privacy Service LTD.

A third party creates website’s mission is unclear and unspecified. No contact information (or) links to social media were present on is NOT INVOLVED in direct sale of medicines. It ONLY GENERATE search results for health related articles.

Features of Ardisantedote Com: is a commercial website and search engine recently launched on 13th April 2022. The website was registered for one year in the United States. As a three days old website, it has a Trust Score of 1%.

Its IP has a valid SSL certification through the website and is only using HTTP protocol to transmit data, which is considered insecure.

Similarly, scored considerably on proximity to the suspicious website – 41/100, Threat profile and Spam profile – 33/100, and Phishing score of 23/100 by Ardisantedote Com, which is not good for the security of your device, personal and payment data. scored 42.1% business ranking and Zero Alexa ranking as a new website. did not mention any policy content on its website.

Note – We have added all details based on data collected from online sources. We are not recommending or against any product. Do not follow any medicine without doctor’s prescriptions.


It has a terrible TrustRank, Alexa Rank, and Business score. No customer reviews and ratings are present on the internet, YouTube, and social media regarding Further, fourteen website reviews of suggest that it could potentially be a Scam. We do not recommend has scored considerably on suspicion and threat profile. Ardisantedote Com is a Scam. 

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