Starbucks Coffee Scam {May 2022} To Find-Read All of It!

This article describes a video claiming that a popular coffeehouse chain tricks its customers with its cup size. Read about the Starbucks Coffee Scam.

Are you confused by the discussions on social media related to a popular coffeehouse chain? Do you want to know the actual truth behind the ongoing controversies associated with the coffee cups? Read this article till the end to know more.  

Coffee enthusiasts Worldwide are eager to know the real facts associated with a trending video that claims to expose the tricks played on coffee customers by Starbucks Coffee Scam. Let’s look into the topic and understand if the claims are genuine.

About Starbucks Coffee Cup Controversy 

A recent YouTube video got viral, and the video claims about the marketing trick put forward by the Starbucks Corporation, the world’s most popular coffeehouse chain with 33,833 stores across eighty countries.

The viral YouTube video shows that all the three Starbucks coffee cups are of the same video, and the amount of coffee filled in the smallest cup got filled to the top of the medium-sized and large-sized cups. Read more about the Starbucks Coffee Size Scam.

What is the Viral Starbucks Coffee Cup Video?

  • A video got uploaded on YouTube in which a person and his friend can be seen comparing the volume filled on various sized Starbucks Coffee Cups.
  • The channel that uploaded the video belongs to Robinson, and in the video, he claims that the coffee cans are of the same volume.
  • The video received over six-thousand views after it got uploaded on 30th May 2022.
  • In the video, Robinson pours coffee from small Starbucks cups into the medium and large cups, respectively, to show that it fills all the cups to the top.

Starbucks Coffee Scam

  • The video claims about the same volume of coffee don’t exactly confirm the claims as more scientific measurements are required to check.
  • The cups mentioned in the video are short, tall and Grande. The actual volume of short, tall and grande cups are 8 oz,12 oz and 16 oz, respectively. 
  • It is practically impossible to fill tall and grande cups with the coffee from the short cup.
  • The video also doesn’t show the exact volume of the coffee used for the experiment.

People’s Opinion On Starbucks Coffee Cup Claims

  • Most of the comments below the trending Starbucks Coffee Scam video strongly disagree with the experiment conducted. In addition to that, most people believe the experiment to be fake.
  • Aftab Babar, a YouTube user, comments that small cup is jammed into the larger cups.
  • Cynthia Ferry, another YouTube user, commented that she tried the same experiment with Starbucks cups, and it didn’t work as shown in the video.


The viral video created confusion among Starbucks customers, but it’s impossible to tell if the claims raised are genuine or not with a single video. To know more about this topic kindly check

Have you watched the video claiming Starbucks Coffee Scam? Kindly comment your thoughts below.

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