Is Atoll a Word {May 2022} Read & Check The Updates!

The article will give you the answer to the widely asked question, Is Atoll a Word? Kindly go through the article to know the details.

What is an atoll? Do you know the meaning? Yes, Atoll is a word. Wordle comes up with new words daily. Some words are well recognized, but some are clueless. The answer to Wordle #345 was Atoll, which was quite tricky. 

People from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are keen to know the meaning of the answer.

Let’s discuss Is Atoll a Word.

What is Atoll?

Atoll refers to the island-shaped ring with a lagoon(saltwater Lake) in the center. Atoll was the answer of Wordle #345(30 May 2022). Several people could not identify the word after getting a few letters correct. Atoll is not a renowned word. Many people are unaware of the meaning of Atoll.

Atoll can be used in sentences related to islands. You can use the word anywhere as per its suitability. After the word appeared in Wordle, it became popular in a day. Players are searching and fetching the meaning of the word continuously. We have mentioned the definition of the word above.

Atoll Wordle

Atoll Wordle is nothing but an answer to Wordle. Yes, Atoll was the answer of Wordle #345. Some people are misinterpreting Atoll wordle as a new version of Wordle. There is no such version of Wordle. The Atoll word was not popular earlier, and a few people knew this word. After the answer of one of the Wordle, people started surfing the internet to learn about it.

Wordle is a five-letter game where players have to guess any five-letter word. Some rules and clues help the player find the answer. The antecedent karst model is the alternate replica of the atoll origin. Atoll Definition is mentioned in this article. If you are also one of the players searching for atoll meaning, you can get it here.

Facts about Atoll

  • Atoll is also known as the Coral ring.
  • Atolls are found in subtropical or tropical seas and oceans where atolls can grow.
  • As per online sources, most of the atolls among 440 atolls are located in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Antecedent karst models and the subsidence were used to explain the formation of atolls.
  • The word atoll originated from the word “Dhivehi”. Dhivehi means palm.

If you are also searching Is Atoll a Word? Then you may get the answer here. The word was first used as atollon in 1625.


The article will give you brief details on the word atoll. You will get all the information regarding Atoll in one post. The definition of Atoll is mentioned here. If you are a Wordle freak and want to know about more words you discover in the Wordle game, you can regularly visit this page. You can read about the atoll word in this article. Visit the given link to know more about Atoll.

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