Social Blade Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

Socialblade is used by people to simplify the application of social media analytics. They give you access to one of the world’s biggest databases of virtual media and the internet. The place provides information on content creators, live streamers, and brands. If you are looking into popular creators or Spotify creators, this company will supply it all. 

This SocialBlade Review should give you an even better insight into how things work-

Why Use Social Blade?

Social Blade has been designed for businesses of all sizes. This is a social media analytics platform that can help track the engagement of your followers along with your account’s earnings and ranking. You can manage multiple social media platforms from one single place here.

Supported Platforms-

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Dailymotion
  • Mixer
  • Trovo
  • DLive
  • Dailymotion

There are 51.7 YouTube creators, 9.9 million Twitch streamers, 10.1 million Twitter users, 10.6 million Instagram accounts, 1.1 million Facebook pages, 781.9k TikTok creators, and several other people making use of this site.


Social Blade EDU This is a series that has been created for aspiring, new YouTubers. If you are just starting with your YouTube channel, then Social Blade can teach you how to build an amazing one. There are a large number of things that you will get help with. For instance, you will start by creating an attractive thumbnail and optimizing your YouTube channel. 

Following this, they will help you create consistent posts so you are never behind your competition. You will be able to use the scheduled uploader that shall automatically post your content. They will offer other tools including video quality control and audio quality control. Since these are the most important perimeters of YouTube, improving these will greatly increase your credibility.

  • YouTube Consultation

This is not a ‘tool’ provided by Social Blade. It is a consultation service for YouTubers. This is a feature that is hardly available anywhere else. You will be able to get expert advice here. YouTube certified experts will show you how you can optimize your channel as well as videos to get many more subscribers and views. You will learn several YouTube tips and tricks directly from a YouTube expert. Features to look out for include-

  • YouTube certified staff
  • Skilled technicians to help you improve search ranking and target realistic keywords
  • As much as 45% growth in 6 weeks through the right YouTube SEO
  • Customized consultation
  • Great Customer Support
  • Direct communication through zoom with one on one sessions
  • Social Blade Reports

Social Blade brings together data from YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Mixer, Daily Motion, TikTok, etc. This data is used to make highly useful statistical graphs and charts that can track your growth and progress. They also include information that includes your estimated earnings as well as future projections. They are particularly known for their easy-to-read graphs as well as numerical data. Statistics are freely available to people who open the website and read their blogs. 

However, account-specific statistics can only be acquired through subscriptions. They have more than 206,000 Daily Motion channels, more than 416,000 Mixer streamers, and many more users as we have mentioned before. The site can reach more than 7 million unique visitors each month with a significant number of people checking the site every single day.

  • YouTube Network

BBTV- BBTV refers to a community partnership with Social Blade. If you are a creator who is extremely passionate about the content they create, then you shall do great by being a part of the BBTV network. BBTV network can greatly help you improve your performance online. They have a 30-day no-lock trial that you can subscribe to in the beginning.

With the help of BBTV, you will be able to get one-on-one support through Social Blade’s industry-leading teams that can answer all your queries. Moreover, you shall find multiple language communications here. For instance, English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. You can also make use of the VISO catalyst to find new fans and discover fresh collaborators. Audience growth is guaranteed with this technology.

  • Unique Tools

We can begin the mention with Social Blade’s convenient dashboard. If you become a partner, you will be able to increase your dashboard limit to 50 and even get your videos featured across the website. Not only this, you will be given consultation directly through Discord! Further, you will have access to Epidemic Sound’s library of 25,000+ rights-free audios for use in your videos. There is also a section of helpful blogs featured on this website.


  • Free- Social Blade will give you a 30-day free trial
  • Bronze- The bronze plan starts at $3.99/mo. You get 15 favorite slots per platform, top 250 lists, as well as 1 YT report card. This plan is perfect for zero ads.
  • Silver- This plan is good for premium charts. The cost is $9.90 /mo. You get a range of facilities like 25 favorite slots per platform, access to 60 days of table data, premium data charts, as well as 10 YT report cards.
  • Gold- This plan is ideal for businesses. It starts at 39.99/mo. You get 100 favorite slots, top 1000 lists, 120 days of table data, and 50 YT report cards. You can save 10% on custom reports and get 20 free Business API credits.
  • Platinum- This plan is perfect for reports and enterprises. It starts at $99.99/mo. You get 500 favorite slots per platform, top 5000 lists, up to 365 days of table data, premium data charts, and 100 YouTube Report cards. 


  • When video views or subscriber data is not updated then the monthly average statistics can be incorrect. Hence, the YouTube accounts that hide their subscribers might find it to be unrealistic. 
  • The site gives you a ballpark value of earnings which makes it difficult to point out specific values that you earn.


This review should give you an overall view of how Social Blade functions. We have mentioned the most important features of the site here along with their special perks. You can also see the pricing of different plans and the facilities that you get with each of them. Naturally, the site also comes with certain cons. However, it appears that the functionality of the platforms outweighs it all.

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