Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died (Feb) Owner Confirms About It!

The post talks about Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died and elaborates on its details and the owner’s confirmation.

Its undeniable that pets are ruling the internet. Besides, they are the newest sensation across social media. Numerous pets are in the limelight and have garnered huge fans and followers with their funny and humorous feats in short videos.

Today’s article is about one of the beloved and popular cats of TikTok, the Pot Roast. Unfortunately, the Feline, who gained immense followers of around 1 million across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and globally, died.

Read the entire article to know How Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died and other details about the Feline.

Who was Pot Roast?

The world woke to the shocking news of one of the internet’s charming Pot Roast, the TikTok cat’s death. TikTok is a platform that provides users with the medium to share short-sized videos. Pot Roast rose to fame in Winter 2020, when his master or pet mom began to share her cat’s videos on TikTok.

The scruffy cat was adopted from a pet shelter in Missouri in 2014 when his owner was in sophomore college year. She named the cat Pot Toast after the popular Caucasian dish served during special days.

Let us understand How Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died in the coming sections.

More Information About Pot Roast

  • The cat was adopted eight years ago in 2014.
  • The owner started to post short videos of the photogenic pets, including clips of the cat wearing comical garb, syncing her actions and happy moments.
  • With these, the famous TikTok cat garnered over 958,000 followers on TikTok and over 65.4 million likes on videos.
  • As per sources, the cat breathed his last on 16 February 2022, Wednesday at 11.47 AM. The news was shared by the owner on social media.

How Did Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died?

The beloved cat died in the arms of his pet mom at Veterinary Hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning. As per sources, the Feline was suffering from illness and had ailments like stomatitis and feline herpes. Furthermore, he had also contracted FIV, the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The Kansas-based feline owner stated Pot Roast contracted it after being bitten by another late cat, Carrot.

Additionally, the cat was going through blood transfusion, wherein the vet had explained to the owner about the FIV progression to his bone marrow. The cat had undergone a second blood transfusion, speaking further on the reason for how Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died.

Final Conclusion

The cat had supposedly developed seizures a night before its death due to low sugar levels. However, the beloved cat of Tiktok breathed its last on Wednesday, 16 February 2022, at 11.47 AM. The internet is pouring with condolences and messages for the cat. The cat had garnered the followers and attention of audiences with his charm and feats.

On the post, one of the followers called the most perfect cat one can ever ask for. Do you want to know more about How did Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died? Then do read here about this tragic news.

Have you watched Pot Roast’s videos? Then, do share your views and thoughts in the comments section below.

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