Charlie Kirk Scam {Aug} Thought on University Education!

Charlie Kirk Scam has discussed the conservative activist and shared his thoughts on the current University education.

Are you planning to join the Charlie Kirk rally in Phoenix, Arizona, to fight tyranny and preserve freedom? Kirk has come heavily on the education system in the United States and asked students to protect themselves from these brainwashing sessions. In his new book “The College Scam”, he has talked for length about this topic and alleged that Universities are filled with left-leaning professors.

The founder and host of Turning Point USA is also famous for his bodily features; Charlie Kirk Scam has discussed the host’s appearance along with his thoughts on university education.

“The College Scam” by Charlie Kirk:

Charlie Kirk is a conservative activist and closely associated with the Republican Party. He also volunteered in some election campaigns for Republican candidates and later started Turning Point USA to counter the liberals.

His new book, The College Scam, is an extension of the thought process he developed while working with Republicans. Kirk has strongly criticized the current University education and termed them as the centre of left ideology. He has advised students to start working instead of joining college classes in his book. 

Charlie Kirk Tiny Face Memes:

People associating themselves with political thought should always be ready for an attack on their personal life. His rivals found his face a little smaller than normal humans and made it viral on a different platform. This is a golden rule in politics to hit the opponent at a personal level, and his rival has exactly done it. 

The small face GIF of Kirk is getting circulated on the social media platform, and liberals are using it to attack the conservative debater. Many titles were made to ridicule the platform that kirk uses for debate by his opponents. Charlie Kirk Tiny Face was also used for making Quiz questions in which people were asked to find his face. 

Why did Charlie use Scam words for University Education?

In his new book, Kirk has raised serious questions about the current University education system and appealed to students to take up the job directly. 

  • He advised students seeking to upgrade their engineering, accountancy, law or medicine skills to join college.
  • According to him, taking a loan to get a degree that doesn’t get students a job adds a debt burden on them. 
  •  Companies have stated that students coming from colleges lack basic skills.

Charlie Kirk Scam on Upcoming rally at Arizona:

The registration for the rally scheduled for 16th and 17th September 2022 is on the portal. Turning Point USA is behind this rally, and they plan to raise their voice against the great reset that is taking place in the country. Conservatives strive to stop tyranny and preserve people’s freedom.

Final verdict:

Some of the points raised in Kirk’s new book “The College Scamare worth pondering as a student is burdened with debt due to education loans. 

Charlie Kirk Scam post believes that people should take a loan only for learning skills that may give those jobs. Have you read a new book by Charles Kirk? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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