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In Ryan Paradis Obituary news, we will know who he is, how he died, and the latest news regarding him.

Have you heard the death news of Ryan Paradis? But why are people searching for him after these many years? Do you know who he was?

People in the United States are searching for Ryan Paradis after hearing the death news of Ryan Fellows. Ryan Fellows, who died earlier this month, was a racer and was filmed for the Discovery series. For the complete information, let’s read Ryan Paradis Obituary news.

What is the news about him?

Ryan Fellows, who died on August 8, 2022, was working in Street Outlaws: Fastest In America, a Discovery series. He was driving outside of LAs Vegas when he lost his control, and a car, a Nissan 240z, crashed.

The shooting was under process for that day episode, and people there could not save him as the car rolled over and caught fire.

Ryan Paradis, who died in 2016, had a matching name and may be why people are looking for his obituary news.

Ryan Paradis Obituary news:

Ryan Paradis, who died on March 23, 2016, was only 36. Ryan was born in Sunbury on November 14, 1979. He was survived by his mother, father, two sons and two brothers. He was a fun-loving and family person who had a good sense of humour.

During his childhood, he attended Shikellamy schools and apex in wrestling. He loved carpentry and thus graduated with that degree. His funeral was conducted at High St., Selinsgrove, and the burial occurred in Riverview Cemetery in Northumberland. After hearing Ryan Paradis Obituary news, everyone prayed for peace in his soul and sympathising with the loving family he left behind. 

What was Street Outlaw’s reaction?

Other participants and members of the series were heartbroken after witnessing this tragic accident and the loss of their family members. They also tweeted extending condolences to his family as they cope with his unexpected and devastating loss.

He left behind his wife Liz and two children. Also, GoFundMe was raised in his name. Ryan was a road warrior and admired by many for his perseverance and unwavering determination to overcome challenges ahead of him.

Street Outlaws: Fastest In America:

Ryan Paradis Obituary news we have discussed here. Now, let us see about the series.

  • Street Outlaws Fastest in America’s third season is premiering on Discovery. 
  • It is one of the spinoffs of the Street Outlaws franchise.
  • State racing teams all over the country compete for the title.
  • Eight teams are chasing $100,000.
  • Ryan Fellows participated in this season.
  • Moreover, he also appears as a guest in street Outlaws Memphis season 5.


The obituary news of Ryan Paradis, who died in 2016 was searched as same name person died earlier this month. Ryan Fellows was Discovery’s tv series Street Outlaws Fastest In America participant. You can read here about Paradis.

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