Sylvia Kristel Cause of Death: How Did She Die? Was She Suffering From Cancer?

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Are you familiar with the name Sylvia Kristel? Do you know what caused her to leave us?  Death is one of the most heartbreaking and miserable terms that break people internally when they hear such news about their belongings. 

In addition, according to reports, Worldwide, thousands of mortality cases emerged for different reasons. Besides, in 2012, the Dutch industry was saddened by the death of a famous actress. So, we will discuss the Sylvia Kristel Cause of Death in this article. 

Explaining The Death Reason

During the research, we investigated a legit thread saying the actress had been diagnosed with throat cancer in 2001. Unfortunately, she was hospitalized after a stroke on 12 June 2012, and after four months, she passed away while sleeping. Moreover, the thread illustrated that she passed away at 60 due to lung and esophageal cancer. 

Moreover, we don’t exactly know why she is trending now, but we discovered that in September 2006, her autobiography, ‘Nue’, was published in France, and she was also born in September. So, since this is the same September month, people might be inquiring about her. 

Connected Strings On How Did Sylvia Kristel Die

The inquiry evaluated that while battling the disease, she underwent many surgeries and chemotherapy sessions, but unfortunately, she didn’t last long. From the thread, we further determined the thread illustrating that she was buried at her birthplace, i.e., Utrecht. Now, we hope that you have inferred why the topic of Sylvia Kristel is in the news now and her death details. 

However, please note that we only supplied the details for educational purposes. We are not commenting or holding the subject’s authority. So, after knowing the available strings on Sylvia Kristel Cause of Death, let us carry on studying her life and professional details below. 

About Sylvia Kristel

Based on the evaluation of a reliable link, we studied that Sylvia was a renowned Dutch model and actress who worked in several popular series. Moreover, she was born to  Pietje Hendrika Lamme and Jean-Nicholas Kristel on 28 September 1952 at Utrecht. According to the thread, Sylvia initiated modelling when she was 17 years old, and after gaining traction, she worked in many films. But Sylvia was best-known for working in the Emmanuelle series and Private Lessons. While exploring links for determining answers to How Did Sylvia Kristel Die? we noticed a link saying that he wedded Alan Turner in 1982, but the couple separated in 1982. In addition, in 1981, she married Philippe Blot, and the separation between the couple happened in 1991. The films mentioned above are age-restricted, so kindly note that we are not recommending you to view them, and the decision is upto you. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Today, this write-up presented the death reason and the life story of the famous actress Sylvia Kristel. Thus, our investigation found that she died due to esophageal and lung cancer. Collect in-depth information about the actress here

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