Arizona Hikers Cause of Death – How Did They Die: Check Obituary!

This post discusses the recent incident in National Canyon Park where hikers died and more details about the incident related to Arizona Hikers Cause of Death.

Did you know about the tragic demise of the hiking hikers in the National Canyon Park region? Hiking is an activity that goes on for days or weeks. People go up in the mountains alone or in groups. The very place has a history of similar incidents which have been happening in the last few years. 

This incident took place in Arizona, the United StatesKindly read the post carefully to learn more details about Arizona Hikers Cause of Death and much more details about the incident. Follow the blog for more details. 

What was the cause of the demise of the hikers? 

A total of three hikers were declared no more after rushing to the hospital on the weekends. Several others were also taken to the hospital suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion. The cause of the demise of the hikers was said to be due to suffering from the heat. 

A 59-year-old woman Delphine Martinez was on the trail for days. On Sunday, she was found unconscious and disoriented; later, the fire department declared her no more. 

How Did Arizona Hikers Die

The incident occurred during the weekend holiday when most people go up to the trail for hiking. The main reason for such a tragic incident is the excessive heat and temperature. As per the statement of the National Park Service, the temperature was around 100 degrees in the inner areas of the canyon and around 115 degrees at the Phantom ranch. 

The park’s authorities issued the advisory for the hikers not to hike during the day as it can lead to serious health issues, heat strokes etc. 

Details in brief Arizona Hikers Cause of Death

A total of three hikers were found as no more. One was a lady, 59-year-old Delphine Martinez, who suffered from a heat emergency; the second was identified as Thomas James Rawe, 45. 

The cause remains unknown, but it is suspected that he may have slipped from the trail and fallen in the steep mountains, and the third was a girl of 18 years who hit her head and could not walk down. 

Why are the Arizona hikers trending on the internet? 

After hearing about this incident, people got very concerned about the struck and rescued hikers and began searching for Arizona Hikers ObituaryIt started getting viral on social media to warn people not to go up the tracks and stay safe. 

Note: All information contained in the post is based on internet research. 

Final summary 

Along with five injuries and three cases of demise, a total of eight cases were found during the weekend due to excessive heat and temperature. Many were rescued and removed from the trail path with a warning not to be on the hike for the time being.

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