How Did Everleigh Dad Die: Who Is Tommy Smith? Who Is Her Real Dad? What Happened To Him And Labrant Family? What Is The Reason Of Her Dad Death?

How Did Everleigh Dad Die has described the real causes behind the death of Everleigh’s biological father and about labrant family.

Are you the person who loves couples’ vlogs on YouTube? What is your favourite family vlog which is currently streaming on the internet? Family vlogs are enjoyed Worldwide, and more viewers enjoy them. 

Recently, one of the YouTuber’s ex-boyfriends has died, and now people are more concerned about the life of his real daughter, so here in this article, we will discuss How Did Everleigh Dad Die

Who died?

“The Labrant family” is famous for their family vlogging on YouTube, run by a couple named Cole and Savannah Labrant. Their videos primarily focus on the activities of their four children. Eveleigh, posie, Zealand, Sunday. But Everleigh, aged 9, is the daughter of Savannah and her previous boyfriend, Tommy Smith. 

Tommy is the biological father of Everleigh. However, on September 9, 2022. Tommy died, and his present girlfriend, Santaella, confirmed this news. Since the autopsy results were not published, many people speculated that he might have died due to the fentanyl drug-related seizure. But these are not confirmed.

Who Is Everleigh Soutas Real Dad?

Savannah and Tommy Smith are the biological mother and father of Everleigh. The couple was separated in 2016, and Savannah claimed that Tommy Smith cheated on her twice when she was expecting Everleigh. Even though they had some misunderstandings, Tommy Smith and Savannah were ready to be Everlegih’s co-parents.

Everleigh also visits her biological father at times, and recently she celebrated Father’s Day with Tommy and Cole. Even Cole treated Everleigh as his daughter. But Tommy was gone too soon. Now the Fans are more concerned about the life of Everleigh.

Cause Of Death

What Happened to Everleigh’s Real Dad is the most trending question on the internet because Tommy died very young. So many rumors have been floated. The most well-known reason, however, is a seizure. A seizure is commonly referred to as an uncontrolled electrical disturbance inside the brain. 

,According to online sources, that fentanyl drug might have led him to seizures, which might have caused a heart attack, but this is not an official reason. But one famous tiktokers, Daisy Janewood, even claimed the same reason with her fans. Nothing is proven from the medical standpoint.

Hopes dashed

Fans started asking What Happened to the Labrant Family? The reality is they haven’t bashed him. Cole and Savannah remembered him as a great dad for Everleigh. The couple added that they want Tommy to be in the life of everyone forever. So, they have also shared their grief.

Now everyone’s concern has turned to Everleigh because she has lost her real dad. They were even worried about how the Labrant family might use the opportunity of Everleigh’s grief and might take that video, to receive more views.


The Labrant family vlog mostly showed their family and children’s private matters. Hence, their fans expected them to take advantage of this opportunity, but the couple didn’t post anything about Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death news So the fan’s concerns are always appreciated. For more information on Tommy’s death, click here.

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