Check Deatils For Tyler Erickson Obituary Bonifay FL – When Did He Passed Away & How He Die? Know Cause of Death & Check Funeral Details!

The article describes the basic facts of the Tyler Erickson Obituary Bonifay FL and his death cause.

Do you know Tyler Erickson? Do you know why he died? Many questions are rising after this death. Many people want to know about Tyler. The full name of Tyler is Tyler Matthew Erickson. The senior student of Holmes County High School died on 12 September 2022 (Monday) afternoon.

The news was sparked in Canada and the United Kingdom due to social media posts by his parents. After that, many want to know about Tyler Erickson Obituary Bonifay FL

What Was the Reason? 

Many experts say the reason was a blood clot or heart attack. But it raises the question. As per the local authority, the police have started the investigation of this incident. In the meanwhile, a “Facebook” post sparked the news in the United States. 

Tyler’s father, Mr Clint Erickson, posted news of this son’s death on his Facebook page. In the post, he mentioned the death cause. For this reason, many people ask questions about the death cause. Meanwhile, Tyler’s father has requested the local authority for an autopsy and wants to know the real death cause.

When Did He Passed Away

The incident took place on 12 September. On a Monday afternoon, Tyler returned from a golf course. He drank water and again prepared to go to the golf course. When daylight was gone, his parents realized Tyler was still on the golf course. 

His father went to the golf course and found Tyler unconscious at the golf course. They took him home. Later medical experts said Tyler died. Tyler’s father posted the news on social media and included the reason for his death. But the police started the investigation.

How Did He Die

Tyler was a very bright student and dynamic boy. He was very famous in his school for his studies and other activities. Tyler always liked to engage with research and sports. But on Monday afternoon, everything changed. On that day, Tyler went to the golf course but never returned.

His parents don’t understand what happened to Tyler on the golf course. The reason is that Tyler returned home for water and returned to the system for practising. But in the evening, their parents found him dead. Many people still don’t know about the Cause of Death

Why the News is Circulating

The news article about Tyler’s death was published in many reputed newspapers and on social media. Even Tyler father’s Facebook post has gotten millions of views. The ultimate question is how Tyler’s died suddenly. Tyler’s father has mentioned the death on Facebook, but still, people demand an investigation, which has already started. 


After Tyler’s death, many people, especially his schoolmates and relatives, share their condolences with the Erickson family. Many people also shared the news on other social media platforms. In the meanwhile, many people also want to visit Tyler’s Funeral. 

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