Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam (May) Reviews!

In this blog, we reviewed a well-known online business called Vikings Pride and decided Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam.

Are you a fan of Viking stories and legends? If so, you might be keen to know about the Vikings Pride web retailer, which sells a variety of Viking-themed merchandise in the United States.

You should, however, determine Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam before visiting the webshop. As it is critical to determine the legitimacy of a website before looking at its offerings. Unless you really do not want to become a victim of internet fraud, read this evaluation on Vikings Pride. 

Legitimacy of the Vikings Pride site

This section of the evaluation delves into the technical details of the online store which is related to authenticity.

  • Website Registration: The domain address of the shop was launched on September 20, 2018.
  • Trustworthiness Level: The Vikings-inspired shop comes with 45 percent trust score and a 6196104 rank on Alexa, giving it a moderate level of trustworthiness. Viking Pride Jewelry Reviews will go through Alexa Rating in further detail.
  • Website Time of life: The internet platform is three years, eight months, and seven days old.
  • Website Expiry date: The portal’s domain will expire on September 20, 2022.
  • Foundation: According to the website’s address, it is a  Kenya-based store.
  • Data Safety: Valid SSL encryption keeps information safe & secure.
  • Threat Profile: N/A.
  • Proximity to Doubtful sites: 4/100.
  • Spam Mark: N/A.
  • Malware Mark: N/A.
  • Phishing Mark: N/A.
  • Social media engagement: The Vikings Pride website has a lot of good social media contact. Out of three accounts on Instagram, they have above 31k supporters.

A brief on Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam

Vikings Pride is a well-known online shop for all Norse mythos and Viking fans. The virtual store has a enormous diversity of Viking-inspired ornaments and fittings. Also, they have a g Celtic collection. 

  • Jewelry
  • Phone Cases 
  • Viking Rings 
  • Watches
  • Arm Rings
  • Drinking Horns 
  • Beard Jewelry 
  • Drinking Mugs 
  • Beard Beads 
  • Celtic Necklaces 
  • Viking Necklaces 
  • Celtic Rings Accessories 
  • Wolf Rings Celtic Jewelry 
  • Thor’s Hammer Necklaces 
  • Irish Necklaces 
  • Wolf Necklaces 
  • Wolf Bracelets 
  • Celtic Cross Necklaces
  • Wolf Tooth Necklaces 
  • Other Viking Inspired Accessories 

The next section will discuss site aspects that will guide in finding out Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam. Following our exploration of website characteristics, we must consider additional essential factors like site benefits and downsides, as well as client or customer feedback. Let’s start with the topographies.

Specifications of Vikings Pride

  • Url-
  • Mail id:-
  • Address: House No 3, Mayweather Drive at Ruaka Road in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Owner’s details: Nothing was mentioned.
  • Social Links: It has has a large huge fan base on Instagram as well as a moderate degree of interaction on Facebook, indicating that it is prevalent among Viking supporters. Their Pinterest account also contains a large following of almost 13.2k people. When investigating Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam, we must take into account social information.
  • Delivery Policy: No shipping fee stated. 
  • Privacy Policy: There is a privacy policy provided.
  • Terms of Service: Currently in effect.
  • Shipping: US shipping takes 2 to 10 depending on shipping mode. For overseas purchases, it takes 315 days also, depending on the shipping mode.
  • Tracking: An email with a tracking link has been delivered.
  • Cancellation Policy: N/A. 
  • Period of return- 30 days. 
  • Refunds: Company initiates after the inspection
  • Mode of Payment: Not indicated. 

Optimistic Highlight 

  • Shipment is done all over the world.
  • Website is HTTP secured.

Adverse Highlight 

  • The terms of cancellation, delivery fee and payment info are not mentioned.

Customer Reviews 

Only some internet Viking Pride Jewelry Reviews exist. Vikings Pride Shop Reviews may also be found on a consumer review site. Consumers who have evaluated their items have given them a five-star rating on average.

The website has a decent Alexa ranking as well. It also has several Instagram social media reviews. Again, Credit Card Frauds, on the other hand, must be avoided.

Final Verdict 

The Vikings Pride site appears to be a legitimate e-commerce business. It has a moderate trust level, a low threat profile, a large number of reviews, and a high level of social media involvement. However, before purchasing anything, we recommend reading customer reviews. We also recommend looking into PayPal Frauds by clicking here.

Do you find this article on Is Viking Pride Jewelry Legit or scam helpful? If so, tell us about your preferred Viking-inspired item. 

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