Michelle Ross Cause of Death- Read About Her Death, Is She From Toronto?

The article Michelle Ross Cause of Death presents true information on the death of the famous drag and the associated jewelry news.

Do you know about the Tornato drag queen? Are you aware of her social work for the LGBTQ community? Her work was more popular in the regions of Canada, Australia, United States, and she also worked for the black Canadian people. The drag queen died last year, so here in this article, we will discuss the drag queen’s life and her services to the people, along with Michelle Ross Cause of Death.

What happened to her?

Michelle Ross was born in the Jamaica region but eventually took the name as the best Toronto’s Best drag queen. Even though she had shared the precious stage with Diana Ross and other well-known celebrities. But she died on March 27, 2021. Her cause of death is unknown. Recently, her cause of death has been trending on the internet

But her family didn’t convey anything to the public, so her cause of death is still unknown. Recently, a designer named Michelle Ross’s jewelry is getting more attention for her handcrafted jewelry, so people might have remembered the drag queen while buying that jewelry.

Michelle Ross death

The real reasons behind her death are unknown, and her family members don’t want to reveal the exact reasons due to privacy concerns. Ross was active as a drag queen for 50 years. Yes, she was active until her death. She died in North York, Ontario, Canada. Apart from being a drag queen, she was an ardent social worker who fought for the rights of the LGBTQ community and emerged as one of its epic icons. 

The Super Queeroes Project gave that title to her. Her death shattered many people’s hopes. Even so, her works and projects would live in people’s memories.

The death 

Michelle Ross Toronto made her debut appearance in Toronto’s Clifton Manatee in the year

1974, where the scene indirectly favors the gay community. So many people have

bashed her, criticized her projects for supporting the LGBTQ community, and even faced much harassment. But she sustained herself in the field with her strong willpower. 

She then toured worldwide to perform and was known for her perfect lip synchronization. She didn’t stop her work for the queer community. She attended many pride festivals and became Toronto’s real pride.

Her fashion sense

 Ross is known for her style and Michelle Ross Jewelry. She always wore a perfect gown, heels, and eye-catching jewelry. Ross lived a glamorous life in how she wore dresses and jewelry and lived in her house. But we couldn’t gather further information on the specific jewelry worn by Ross. 

But currently, jewelry designer Michelle Ross’s handcrafted jewelry is getting the limelight.

However, there is no connection between the jewelry designer, Ross, and the drag queen.


Michelle Ross’s real name was Earl Barrington Shaw. He was born on August 5, 1954. So

her family might have celebrated her birth anniversary this year. Michelle Ross Cause Of Death is still unknown and remains mysterious, but Michelle ross jewelry is famous for its handcrafted techniques using semi-precious stones “ Ross” worked hardly to put smiles on people’s faces. Read more about the drag queen here

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