Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam {May} Explore Facts!

Read exclusive analysis unavailable elsewhere on NewProfilePic under the current wartime situation and learn if Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

Have you heard on New Profile Pic? Many applications on the internet and play stores are known as Doing Business As(DBA) NewProfilePic in the United StatesAustralia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Users need to understand the difference, know about the apps showcased on the Play Stores, avoid accessing the online version of apps DBA NewProfilePic and refrain from installing such apps from third-party platforms. 

Let’s scrutinize below Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

About NewProfilePic App:

NewProfilePic was launched in April 2022 and updated on 11th April 2022. Offered in ten global languages, the application became popular worldwide. There were 29K positive reviews till yesterday, but today, more than 42,480 excellent reviews rated the app at 4.8/5 stars. 

NewProfilePic has achieved the #1 rank in photography apps on Google and Apple stores and ranked the #1 app in several countries. Till yesterday, the application was free to use. But, with yesterday’s update, a whopping $29.99 is chargeable per in-app item.

New Profile Pic Facebook Scam:

The most important concern about NewProfilePic regards FBI warning issues this week. The FBI has informed that Moscow will possibly launch an application that can fully access any computer system. FBI anticipates that the application was developed by cybercriminals from Moscow working on behalf of the Russian Supremo, as informed by internet sources today.

The NewProfilePic has become famous on Facebook and other social media platforms during current unfavorable wartime crises. Internet sources informed that Moscow is ready to retaliate against the sanctions issued by the USA and its allies by possibly initiating cyber attacks. 

Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

The next concern about the application was related to its registration in Moscow. The confusion remains even today, on 12th May 2022, as the developer’s website (which has equally become popular among Windows Mobile and other OS users) shows registered in Moscow. 

Anticipating the possibility of cyber-attacks and user data leaks, NewProfilePic transmits a huge amount of user data. People messaged on social media that the information was sent to Moscow. NewProfilePic requires access to Device ID, User ID, Photos, Videos, Camera, Product Interaction, Storage, Full network access, and Run at startup; cluing at Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

The phishing alert about NewProfilePic started as a few users informed that it charged £60.00 towards the subscription fee. But, Google had clarified that there are many applications DBA New Profile Pic, and the charges on the customer account were from some other app. All these details are from online sources; we are not in favor or against any application.


The NewProfilePic development team clarified that the application sends a huge amount of information about its AI work on HD images, delivering results in HD resolution and application permissions are normal and similar to other apps. NewProfilePic is POTENTIALLY a Scam based on FBI warning and registration at high-risk country; answering Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam? 

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