New Profile Pic App Scam {May} Explore The Reality!

This article on New Profile Pic App Scam will guide the readers on the users’ views of the New Profile picture application.

Do you know about the Profile Pic Scam? It is a new hacking system ongoing all around the world. People have been using the app since it was found. But now, many people in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada have found that this app is a scam. 

This post on New Profile Pic App Scam will help you know if this application is truly a scam or not, and if it is a scam, then what makes this app a scam. Please read this post to know more about it.

Why are people making it a conversational topic?

Many people have used this app to enhance their profile pictures. Profile pictures improve our profile on many social media platforms. People follow you after judging the attractiveness of your profile. But now, everyone is scared of using this website because they feel it is a scam website. This makes it a conversational topic. 

Scam linked to New Profile Pic. Com

What makes Profile Pic Application a scam? Why are people calling it a scam app? There is no fire without smoke is a well-known idiom, and it fits best in this situation. Many people reported that it was a scam. People have found that this application is linked to the Kremlin and belongs to Russia. 

It is believed to be a spyware application that is stealing data from users. People believe that this app is using the bank details and stealing money through unfair means as its registrar belongs to Russia, and the hackers are keeping an eye on the accounts. This App On Play Store is a source where you can install it on your mobile. However, yet, no official scam proof is found.

The legitimacy of Profile Pic Application

We are here to disclose all the relevant details on the legitimacy associated with Profile Pic Application. It will help the user to know its life expectancy and trust factor.

  • Trust Index: New Profile Pic got only a fourteen percent trust score. 
  • Registration Date: December 14, 2020, is the New Profile Pic registration date. This application is new and has a one and a half year of life span.
  • Social media: No accounts have been found. But some users shared awareness posts on Facebook. They warned people to avoid the use of the Profile Pic App.
  • Availability: This app is available on the google play store and app store from where you can install this application. But, after judging all the merits and demerits.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers of the scam connected to the Profile Pic App. Many users find the privacy policy useless, and they do not ask for any permission like other known applications. Hence, this results in the stealing of data. Moreover, this application can be installed or used on iOS or Android phones. Please check this link to know more details on Profile Pic Scam.  

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