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There is a latest website which has surfaced the internet and is mainly about creating games and apps. This website is named Sammy Cheez and this article is about its authenticity, legitimacy, and other general information attached with it. The website has its own course and Sammy Cheez is interestingly making games and tutorials. Though the Sammy Cheez com is around 5 years old, it has become famous quite recently in the United States. This article would talk about it sufficiently.

The General Introduction to Sammy Cheez 

Our intention in this article is to get you the most authentic and trusted information collected from online resources. Though not many articles are available and most of the information is through YouTube videos only, we have compiled from whatever source possible. The website has made 6 projects like Fruit Ninja,, Lava Quest, how to follow Yourself etc. 

In all these videos of Sammy Cheez com, he has talked of mainly those features which have been missing either in ordinary versions of these game or some facets which have remained unexplored. The website has a lot of comments and we will talk about it in a while. The scratch project is also interesting and conducive so far as the website is concerned. But, in the introduction section on the website, Sammy Cheez writes that he is a boy and is currently inactive at YouTube and Scratch. The last YouTube video was uploaded in October 2021 and no video since then.

Reviews, Legitimacy, and Other Info Relating to Sammy Cheez com

Looking at the YouTube videos, it is pretty clear that website is not doing any sort of fraud and is as legitimate in its action as it could be. The website has its own base and is not asking for any financial contribution sort of thing. Therefore, on the face of it, the website looks legitimate. If we look at the reviews, most of them are positive. .

The detailed reviews regarding the legitimacy of Sammy Cheez com are also not yet done by any checker and thus the information on that front is incomplete. The information mentioned her is just after watching few YouTube videos and making sure that no finances have been involved. Also, no adverse comments could be found on the website. The reach of the site is quite low. The developer is also inactive for a long period now. 


The developer of Sammy is inactive for a long time and the last video that came up was in October 2021. The reach of the Sammy Cheez com has also decreased but Sammy Cheez is continuously getting views on YouTube. All other aspects are dealt with in the above section. The developer has, on a different website, claimed that coding lessons shall begin soon. To know more, see SammyCheez – YouTube 

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