Cecil County Murder Suicide Report: Check With Full Shooting Details, And Maryland Real Property Search!

Read all the details related to Cecil County Murder Suicide to know the incident’s timeline, the action taken by police, and initial findings.

Did you come to know about five deaths in Maryland, United States? Did you know when the murders were reported? What was the response from 911? What were the actions taken by the local police department? What does the initial investigation reveal? Would you like to know what further investigations are planned? Let’s look at the detailed timeline and facts about the incident in this article about Cecil County Murder Suicide

Press release by police:

On Friday, the 9th of September 2022, Scott Adams (Cecil County Sheriff) appeared at a press conference and read the details about the deadly incidents. Adams informed that a male individual had called 911 at 9:19 AM and reported that a women and three children were dead.

The male individual hung up the phone. The 911 representative tried calling back the same number. However, there was no response. The police department responded to the information received from 911, and the deputy sheriff arrived at the house at 9:29 Hrs.

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A male individual was found unresponsive in the garage, a woman was found dead in the house, and three children were found dead on the second floor. Police identified that the death resulted due to gunfire.

The police placed a yellow alert for three schools around the area. Adams informed that it is the highest alert signaling the school to be vigilant until police assess the threats.

Further action on Cecil County Shooting:

911 called residential people near the gunfire sight to inform them that they need not panic as the situation was closely monitored and controlled. Cecil County Animal Services was called to take custody of two cats and a dog found inside the home.

A semi-automatic gun was found near the male individual’s dead body. The police department obtained a warrant to search the house. Further investigation revelations will determine what action plan the police department will have. 

Adams informed that the deaths could not be announced as murder or suicide at this point. The police department did not reveal the identity of any five victims of Cecil County Murder Suicide. However, Cecil County Public Schools spokeswoman – Kelly Keeton informed that the three kids were home-schooled.


Further details show that the incident occurred at Elk Mills home in the suburbs. As a male individual had first reported the deaths to 911, police anticipated that the male found dead in the garage may have called 911. Hence, it is anticipated that he was the last individual to die. Police will reveal more details after the investigation.

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