Michael Kittredge Cause Of Death: Check All Details Of His Wife, Car Collection, And Net Worth 2022!

The news articles collect all the important information related to Michael Kittredge Cause of Death and let the users know about the real reason behind his death.

Have you heard of Michael Kittredge? Do you know what caused his death? We will update everything regarding the information in this article and let the people know the cause of his death. Michael Kittredge was the founder of the Yankee Candle organization. People in the United States are unsure of what led to his death and are looking for reports that would reveal the real reason behind his death. We will mention Michael Kittredge Cause of Death in this post.

What is the news about?

The news is related to the sudden death of the creator of Yankee Candle, who died when he was sixty seven years old. As per the research, it was found that he died owed to some health issues, and there are no other links related to his death. His organization was very famous and is working full-fledged. Michael Kittredge was a special and different person who was very creative and visionary and was passionate about his work. He inspired others to work hard, just as he did in his organization. 

Essential points on Michael Kittredge Net Worth 2022

  • Michael Kittredge was known to have an organization that made him a billion-dollar owner. His estimated net worth is 2 billion dollars.
  • It is unfortunate that Michael Kittredge lost his life due to health problems, but he has given his whole life to this organization to prosper and grow. He was a self-made businessman.
  • We do not have any more information relating to his death, and till now, the reports mention that he lost his life due to his health problems and no links to any depression or suicide are mentioned.

Details of Michael Kittredge Wife

As for his family, Michael Kittredge was married, and he was living his life peacefully. His wife’s name was Lisa Kittredge, and he had a son named Mike Kittredge. We will give you all the details regarding his family if we get more details about it. He built the organization and sold 90 percent in 1998 for around 500 million dollars. 

When he started his company, he kept his guitar, stereo and banjo as security for a bank loan of $2000. He corporated an annual revenue of 150 million dollars in 1997. We also learned about Michael Kittredge Car Collection and that he was fond of cars and had many of them. We learned that he was American, but his ethnicity was not yet known.

People who want to read the full information about Michael Kittredge can read the details here.


Unfortunately, such a businessman lost his life at such an early age. He was known for his hard work and his passion. His perseverance led him to make a billion-dollar company which his only son now manage. People loved him for the person he was and will always remember him. What do you think on the Michael Kittredge Cause of DeathComment below.

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