Gregory Itzin Ncis Actor {July 2022} Complete Details!

This post will inform our readers about Gregory Itzin Ncis Actor‘s death and his achievements.

Are you a fan of “President Logan” from the famous T.V. blockbuster “24”? Yes, you might be, as it is one of the most powerful roles in the T.V. hit “24”. Being bought up in the United States, Canada, Australia and other European countries, you can’t forget the role of that he played in the show “24”.

This post on Gregory Itzin Ncis Actor will update our readers about his achievements and death.

Why Gregory Itzin is the headline of Today’s News?

Gregory Itzin is in today’s headline after Jon Cassar, the producer of 24 tweets, as he confirmed the death of his beloved friend and co-worker. He pens down a few words for Gregory Itzin in his tweet, where he mentioned that Gregory Itzin was a great man and will be missed by the family of 24. Further, he mentioned that Gregory Itzin was a talented and great actor, and it’s honoured to be worked with him. He also praised that he was a great man while sharing his death news on Friday on his tweeter account. 

How was Gregory Itzin Young?

Gregory Martin Itzin was a famous American origin actor in television and films. He was known for his iconic role in the 24 series as a U.S. President, Charles Logan. His recurring roles, including Charlie in NCIS, also gained popularity. In addition, his role was praised in JAG with other notable T.V. shows and films. Gregory Itzin died on the 8th of July 2022 at 74 due to several issues during an urgent surgery. He was born in Washington, D.C. He lived with his Judie and his two children. To know more keep reading the post.

Gregory Itzin 2022 Lifetime Achievement

In his career, he played many noted roles in several T.V. series and movies, and he gained popularity and recognition in the world for his performance. One of his career’s best roles was The Kentucky Cycle, for which he won Pulitzer Prizes and was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor for Charles Logan’s role. Further, he was also honoured with the Drama Desk Award and Tony Award nomination. 

He has done several brilliant theatre shows in his lifetime, including the world premiere, where he played the role of Louis Rougemont in Donald Margulies.

Brief about Gregory  Itzin Ncis Actor

Gregory Itzin first appeared in 1993. He is known for his outstanding performance in Friends, where he played the role of Phoebe’s Husband Theodore Hannigan However, he frequently appeared in the show with his wife as Bitsy. However, he was known for his several excellent roles in the Star Trek web series, where he played five different roles in the web series as Voyager, Enterprise, and Deep Space Nine. Some of the best hits were NCIS, The Mentalist, Murder One, Boston Legal, The O.C., and CSI.


Gregory Itzin was one of the best-known T.V. series and movies actor who had some notable roles career. Gregory Itzin Ncis Actor started his career as a common performer but gained performance in the industry due to his work and performance.

In this hard time, we stand with the family of Gregory Itzin and may his soul rest in peace. Please share your valuable comment below. To read more, click here

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