Its corn Kid Dead- Did He Really Die? Is He Still Alive? Grab Info Of His TikTok And Death!

The article aims to provide information on Its corn Kid Dead. So stay tuned till the last to explore more.

Do you know about the corn kid? Many of you have heard about the Corn kid and seen him on videos. But news of his death is currently circulating in the United States and on all social media platforms. Everyone is willing to know if Its corn Kid Dead. If you are searching for the answer to the same question, then we have it here. In this article, we will inform you about the corn kid, whether he is dead or alive. 

Is the corn kid dead?

After enjoying the corn kid video, many people are shocked by the news of his death. But we would like to inform our readers about Did Corn Kid Die, and the answer is no, the corn kid is not dead. 

How did rumors start about the corn Kid Demise?

The rumors about the death of the corn kid were first seen on Twitter. It was when some people saw the edited post where it mentioned that a 7 years old boy, also known as the corn kid died in a gang-related shooting. Corn Kid Death news shocked people, and they started circulating the news to know if it was true or a rumor.

Is the Corn Kid alive?

We already confirmed that the death news was a rumor, and the corn kid is still alive and healthy. The post that claimed that the corn kid is dead was an edited post to make people think that Is the Corn Kid Still Alive. But in reality, that edited post had a different headline with other details about the corn kid, which was unrelated to his death rumor. The photo on the post shows that the original news was published by the NPR site and written by Dustin Jones, the author. But someone edited the picture to spread the rumor.

More about corn Kid TikTok

Tariq, also known as a Corn Kid, became famous after showing his love for corn in a Tik Tok video. People loved him, and he started gaining fame in the blink of an eye.


The write-up aims to inform about the rumor related to the corn kid and whether he is dead or not. If you want to learn more about Did the corn Kid Really Die, read here to grab complete knowledge of this news.

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