Wow Expansion Announcement 2022 {April} Release Dates!

This news article is based on information related to Wow Expansion Announcement 2022 and its release dates.

Do you have an attraction for the Wow Expansion game? Are you waiting for the latest specs and announcements? If yes, then this article is only for you. Readers would be happy to hear that Blizzard has decided to announce the latest updates regarding the franchise.

Online game has gained enough love in countries like the United StatesAlso, gamers here are very curious to know the updates. Here in this article, we will deliver information related to Wow Expansion Announcement 2022.

Announcement for Wow Expansion 2022

  • A big announcement has been made in favour of World of Warcraft. Although the initial date of the reveal is not out officially. But as previously confirmed by the owners, the date of the reveal of details is April 19, 2022. 
  • The set time for announcement is April 19 at 9 am/ 12pm/ 5pm. The time is different from releasing in multiple countries.
  • Viewers can find the announcements on Youtube as well as Twitch. As reading updates is quite more difficult than watching them.

Wow Latest Expansion Release Date

Blizzard Entertainment has promised to do big reveals this April. The World of Warcraft announcements will be made at different times in different countries. To know the exact timings read the pointers given below:

Nonetheless, the first announcements will be done in the United Kingdom.

  • New Zealand – 20 April at 4am NZST
  • Japan – 20th April at 1am JST
  • Europe – 19 April at 6pm CEST
  • The USA – 19th April at 9am PT and 12pm ET
  • The UK – 19th April at 5pm BST
  • Russia – 19th April at 7pm MSK
  • Australia – 20th April at 2am AEST 

Why is the Wow Expansion Announcement 2022 trending?

Wow players have been waiting for new announcements for a long time. And now it’s high time the makers of Blizzard Entertainment are up to reveal the dates. April 2022 will be full of new announcements and reveals. Similarly, as mentioned above, the cause of trending news was newly revealed on the 19th of April.

Where to watch the latest World of Warcraft announcements?

  • Initially, the announcements will be quickly out on online platforms like Youtube and Twitch. Hence, by clicking on the provided links, the viewer can watch the event live.
  • Wow Latest Expansion Release Date can be viewed on websites that announce the video game schedules and releases. 
  • Lastly, the reveals will soon start streaming Summer Game Fest Schedule and other video game update applications.

Final Verdict

After going through a lengthy update reminder about Wow Expansion Announcements. We can conclude that gamers are keenly waiting for announcements by World of Warcraft. Also, it will surely be releasing specs and updates by April 19, 2022. 

Are you eager to know the specs and announcements from Wow Expansion? We are curious to know your views on Wow Expansion Announcement 2022. Further, to know more about the latest announcements regarding Wow Expansion, click here.

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