Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam {April} Facts!

This article describes a data exposure by an external agent accessing information of a financial company. Read on Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam.

Are you eager to know some shocking findings associated with a prominent American finance company? Then, read this article until the end without skipping to understand the topic as an informed citizen. 

People from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia found the shocking news that involved the leakage of important information exposing the data of thousands of people. External sources stealing customer data is extremely dangerous as the data can be misused. Read about Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam.

About Lakeview Loan Data Leakage

An official mail sent by the Lakeview company officials informing the leakage of highly sensitive information spread a wave of shock to its existing customers. The mail described the seriousness of the issue with the Attorney General.

Apart from the email to the Attorney General, an official letter addressing the company customers describing the issue was also published to the public. With the explanation, the company also apologize for the security breach.

In addition to that, a toll-free number got set up to solve the customers’ queries regarding the issue.

Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam

  • The company officials noticed unauthorized access to important digital files and documents in December 2021.
  • Lakeview company documents were accessible to the third party for around forty days between October 27, 2021, and December 7, 2021.
  • The intruders got access to highly confidential information from the system servers, including customer data and documents.
  • Lakeview company has over 1.5 million customers, making the breach a highly sophisticated one.

Which Data Got Exposed?

  • According to the official statement made by the Lakeview technical team, the following data got accessible to intruders in Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam.
  • As a result, the Social Security Numbers of Lakeview customers got exposed.
  • Apart from that, the unauthorized entry from the external party also obtained private information such as loan number, customer name, loan details and residential address.
  • The loan service availed by the customer got exposed to the third party.
  • In addition, all relevant information associated with the loan application, additional loan details, and loan modification got revealed.

About Lakeview’s Email

  • Attorney General John Formella received an official email on March 18, 2022, mentioning the seriousness of the data exposure associated with the Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam.
  • The email with the subject line “Incident Notification” describes the incident involving customers’ data exposure.
  • In addition to that, the email also lists the details of the individuals that got exposed.
  • Craig A Hoffman wrote the official email.
  • The email ends by apologizing to the customers and ensuring the avoidance of further incidents.


A financial data leak can be misused to conduct several financial frauds, and users must contact the company officials and follow their instructions to avoid getting trapped by scammers. To learn more, please go through this link.

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