Smithgregory Com Scam {April 2022} Know Essential Data!

The article informs you about the recent Smithgregory Com Scam and finds out the website’s core information. Read the article and avoid scams.  

Have you recently received any scam calls? Recently, many people have been facing virtual scams. So, we have decided to discuss the matter in the article. Many people in the United States are facing this kind of problem. 

The fraud is done by a website called Smthgregory. Many people want to know whether the website is legitimate or not. Many people also received SMS from the website. So, we must find out the truth about – Smithgregory Com Scam. Let’s start the discussion in brief.

What Is this Scam? 

Many people are getting a phone call from a person named “Smith Gregory”. The person is identifying himself as a collector of debt. Many people also claim they receive a voicemail from the same person. The person is telling the people about the debt information and amount details. 

So, people thought it was a simple call, and they listened to the person. Gregory told the users to settle the debt amount every month during the conversation. And it tends to be a fraud or scam with those people who attend the call from that person. 

Smithgregory Com Scam– Know the Website

The website says the company’s name is “Smith Gregory LLC”. The website offers – payment plans and a removal collection scheme. The website also informs that one can use monthly wise payments or a one-time payment of the debt amount via the website. 

The users of the website need to sign in with the website. By registering a mobile number on the website, users can use the account. They can check the types of payment plans offered by the website. The website also demands the company has 43 years of experience in this field. 

Smithgregory Com Scam– Essential Data

As per the research on the website, we find some interesting factors

  1. The domain name of the website is –
  2. The date of the domain was 30/03/2022. Just seven days old. 
  3. The owner’s representation of the website is not disclosed. 
  4. Even the privacy policies of the website are very fishy. 
  5. The domain date will expire very soon. 
  6. Even the website is not secured by the “HTTPS” protocols. 
  7. The trust score of the website is shallow. Just one per cent trust score. 
  8. The Alexa rank of the website is – 9,099, 614

As per the above data, Smithgregory Com Scam is not a legitimate website.

Why the News is Trending

Many people received the call from this company and faced the scam. Due to this reason, the news of this company is trending in the news media. 


After all these incidents, people are keen to know about the website. As per the research and internet sources, the website is not legit. So, our view is, please stay away or not entertain the calls from the website. 

Therefore, don’t share any sensitive information or account details if you receive any calls. The discussion proves that Smithgregory Com ScamFurther, you can also check more news and information by clicking the link. Did You Receive Any Call? Please share.   

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