How Did George Ward Die? What Is His Cause of Death? Did He Commit Suicide? Read More On His Obituary Here

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Do you know who George Ward was? Do you know what is the reason behind his death? If not, then please read the article thoroughly. George Ward was one of the most famous drag performers in the United States and the United Kingdom. In today’s article, we will discuss How Did George Ward Die. He passed away at the age of twenty-eight.

The stage name of George Ward was Cherry Valentine. So, are you ready to know more about George Ward? Then please keep reading the full article. 

What was the reason behind George Ward’s death?

The family of George Ward announced the death news of their son. On 18th September 2022, at the age of twenty-eight, George Ward passed away. But the George Ward Cause of Death is still unknown. The family members of George Ward did not reveal the cause of his death. Emma Bunning, one of George’s agents, had confirmed the death news.

George Ward was a contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race in the U.K. with his stage name was Cherry Valentine. In his early life, George Ward worked as a mental health nurse. Please continue to read the article. 

George Ward Suicide:

Many of George Ward’s fans are assuming that the cause of his death may be suicide. But a large number of his fans can not believe this. They think George Ward was a great human being and a great personality, and he could not commit suicide. He was an inspiration for many people. But we can not say anything confidently right now until the cause of death has come to the public. 

George Ward Obituary:

The family members of George Ward were totally broken after hearing the news. In a statement, they mentioned that they are still processing the death of George. It was the most heart-wrenching news for them. They asked for George Ward’s fans’ prayers in this difficult time. 

Summing Up:

Director Peter Grant made a documentary film named Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen and Proud. We will pray for his soul to rest in peace. And that’s it for today’s How Did George Ward Die article. You can click on the link to get detailed information about Cherry Valentine

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