Read Diary Of Wimpy Kid Actor 2022 Details – Is He Kills Mom? Was Ryan Playing Rodney James Role?

The article describes the basic information about Diary Of Wimpy Kid Actor 2022 and the recent update in the report.

Do you know the actor in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid?” The name of the kid actor was Ryan Grantham. 

He is in prison for killing his mother. Many people in the United States and Canada want to know about the Diary Of Wimpy Kid Actor 2022

What Do You Know About Actors? 

Ryan Grantham was accused of second-degree murder. The court gave him a death sentence on 21 September 2022 (Wednesday). But Ryan was a famous child actor who predominantly worked in movies like “Riverdale” and “Diary Of Wimpy Kid”. 

Ryan is in jail presently. Many people don’t understand how Ryan killed his mother with a cold brain.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Actor Kills Mom

Nobody could believe that the fantastic and innocent actor could kill his mother. The incident took place in 2020. When the “Diary Of a Wimpy Kid” killed his mother, Barbara Waite, with a gun. That time his mother was playing the piano. 

Ryan shoots her mother with a gun from the back and leaves the house. He didn’t inform anyone about the killing. Later, police investigated and arrested Ryan for the murder. 

Rodney James Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

In the movie, the reel character’s name was Rodney James. The character was played by Ryan Grantham. Rodney participated in the school drama “The Wizard of OZ”. 

But later, due to many reasons, he got rejected. People still remember the kid’s role played by Ryan. Many senior actors still could believe the innocent child actor killed his mother. 

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Actor Ryan

At the time, Ryan was just a 9 to 10 years old boy. He played the character of Rodney James. As per the story, the school drama authority relegated Rodney and took another boy. When Rodney is rejected, he starts pampering in the movie. 

Why the News is Circulating

Ryan is accused of killing his mother and gets a death sentence from the court. People are checking the news on the internet. Many people have already commented on social media. 


The court has given Diary Of Wimpy Kid Actor 2022 the death sentence for killing his mother. After the news, many people get speechless. After the verdict, many people try to check the information on the internet.

We have taken all the information from the best news sources. Have you watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Comment Please. 

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