Is Panda Antivirus Scam?- Is It Free Or Gratis? Read The Ways To Download It

The article mentions everything about the  Panda Antivirus Scam and highlights all the important points about the new antivirus.

Have you heard of the panda antivirus scam? Do you know the details concerning the latest scam going on? We will describe everything related to the latest scam that is doing rounds on the internet. People from the United States are eager to know about this antivirus scam so they can be cautious before using it. Is it a scam? We will tell you all the details under the section Panda Antivirus Scam to let the viewers know the complete answer.

What is the news?

The news is about an antivirus named Panda, and for some reason, it has been placed under the category of a scam due to the telephone calls asking for information. Panda antivirus is 100% safe and has a good malware scanner that can detect around 95% of the bugs. It can also detect spyware and ransomware files and provides real-time protection, pointing out all the malware files. 

Essential points on Antivirus Panda Gratis

  • The panda antivirus provides complete web protection with proper performance optimisation, parental controls, and other features.
  • It has various other features not present in other antiviruses, such as rescue kids that remove malware, high-level file encryption, and USB protection.
  • Some areas in the antivirus need improvements, such as detection of phishing sites, limited VPN and unsatisfactory customer service. Other than these features, all features are good and reliable.

Details on Panda Antivirus Scam

Panda antivirus has various attractive interfaces with millions of features and flexible prices. It also offers free plans for Windows and Android users with monthly or annual subscriptions. The antivirus also provides various security features but is placed on the negative side due to the false pop ups. The panda antivirus is not a scam but a hundred per cent secure antivirus that users can use. The users can also Download Panda Antivirus from the official website and choose the most suitable plans.

People who wish to know about Panda antivirus can read the complete details here and get all the related information.


We can conclude this post by commenting that Panda antivirus is not a scam and is 100% safe. The users can purchase the plans according to their budget, and one can also try the panda premium plans, and you can also get Free Panda Antivirus for a trial. Have you purchased the plans for the Panda antivirus? Comment below your views.

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