Roblox Nimblz Death Details: How Did He Die?Find His Cause of Death, Death Note, And Know Why Did He Kill Himself!

This research in Roblox Nimblz Death will guide the readers on the cause of the death of a famous developer, Nimblz. Kindly read this post to know more.

Do you know who Nimblz was? Is he dead? If you are unfamiliar with this personality, then you are at the right destination, as this post will clarify all queries on Nimblz. The United Kingdom and the United States fans want to know about Roblox Nimblz Death. So, we are here to guide you all on the reason for the death of Nimblz.

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Is Nimblz dead?

Yes, the famous accelerator and developer of Roblox’s games and simulator is dead. He died on May 17, 2020. We will discuss the reason later, but he has contributed much to famous simulators like Agents of Egg event, Egg Hunt 2020, etc. He was well-known for his creation of comedy and adventure games. His death has been a big loss for his fans. Kindly check the next section to know the reason for his death.

How Did Nimblz Die Roblox?

As per the news, Nimblz died two years ago. The cause of death was unnatural, as he died because of suicide. Yes, you heard it right. As per sources, he committed suicide. Austin Chad Reuschle was his real name. But, he was famous as a YouTuber and developer named Nimblz. The officials have found that he had struggled with depression for a long time. As per sources, this was the main reason to commit suicide. But, it is unknown what trouble had put him into the extreme depression that he had committed suicide. He was a great developer who had helped others to make their life fun with gaming. Nimblz Death Note revealed the cause of his death.

The developer, Nimblz, was only 21 when he left this world. We pray that he will be happy and in peace wherever he is.

About Nimblz

Austin Chad Reuschle, aka Nimblz was born on July 24, 1998. He was an experienced developer in Roblox. He was best known for Sno Day and Eg. In 2009, he joined Roblox. He was very young to start his career then, but he had given a lot to Roblox. People still enjoy these simulators. Unfortunately, this talented boy is no more with us. Nimblz Cause of Death has shaken everyone, and his fans were numb after listening to his death.

News of his death was first confirmed on Twitter. It was very hard to believe such terrible news. But, no one can deny the truth.


Summing up this post, we have shared the reason for the death of Nimblz. Also, the readers can know about his life and how and when did his career start. His fans are still remembering him by playing his created simulators. You can also read about his creation and contribution in Roblox.

Do you know Why Did Nimblz Kill Himself? Please let us know your answer in the comment section below.

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