Scientist Arrested Climate Change {Aug} What Happened!

Read consolidated information regarding the recent Scientist Arrested Climate Change for protesting against organizations supporting fossil fuel projects.

Are you concerned about climate change and global warming? Did you know that in April 2022, northwest India had the hottest day in the past 122 years? More than 1,700 people died from heat waves in Portugal and Spain this year. The UK has the hottest day on 19th July 2022. 

Global warming has resulted in wildfires in the United States. Let’s check the information about Scientist Arrested Climate Change.

About Peter Kalmus:

Peater Kalmus is a NASA data scientist. He has been a climate scientist for more than 17 years. Peter Kalmus is also the most followed climate scientist on Twitter. He was arrested on 6th April 2022 for protesting against JPMorgan Chase and Co, but he was later released.

Another scientist, Dr. Aaron Thierry, was arrested in the UK for protesting against climate change. Such incidents made people understand that scientists are ignored concerning their protest against the steps taken to stop climate change, and they face arrest if they staged their protests.

Scientist Arrested Climate Change:

On 6th April 2022, Kalmus showed his protest by chaining himself to the entrance door of JPMorgan bank in LA. A few protectors were seen helping Kalmus to chain himself. The protesters also held a banner showing that 1.5°C reductions in heat-trapping gases in the next three years are insufficient. 

JPMorgan invested more in fossil fuels projects than any other bank, per a report published by Sierra Club this year. As a result, many scientists believe 1.5°C reductions to reduce global warming will be no point of return, and more efforts are required.

Kalmus, as a Scientist Arrested Climate Change, had also launched the #FlyingLess movement by promoting the cause on As a founder of, Kalmus tried pursuing American Geophysical Union to support scientists in their movement against climate change.

Kalmus is famous for reducing his carbon footprint by approximately 90%. He also launched a mobile app, Earth Hero, which helps people track their carbon emissions and shows how to reduce them.

Two sons of Kalmus are also regularly stricked at their college on Fridays since 2018 and promoted the Fridays for Future movement. Kalmus is keen on his movements to reduce global warming and climate change. 

Though Scientist Arrested Climate Change, Kalmus said he would stand for it no matter how bad it gets. More than 1.4 million users liked his recent Tweet concerning climate change. Kalmus, as an activist, also tries to make people aware by staging videos and lectures about climate change.


Kalmus supported civil disobedience on his app – Earth Hero, and while protesting at JPMorgan bank. Therefore, the police had to take strict action against Kalmus and protestors supporting him. But, the arrest of scientists working for a good cause raises a concern. Indeed 1.5°C reduction in heat-trapping sources is not enough. As scientists’ views are ignored, they are restoring to civil disobedience.

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