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The post discusses Hellfire r9x Wiki and elaborates more details about the missile.

Are you wondering what Hellfire R9X is and why it is trending Worldwide across all continents? The missile was used in an operation to find Ayman al Zawahiri, an Al Qaeda leader and is often used for stealth attacks. However, we understand there would be a lot of questions about the missile and why it is currently in the news.

To clear the air of any misconceptions, we here present detailed insight about the Hellfire r9x Wiki and elaborate further information about the same. So, continue to read till the end to know more details.

Why is the Hellfire r9x missile trending?

The military of the United States recently disclosed the name of Hellfire R9X as the secret weapon responsible for killing the Al Qaeda chief. This chief was Ayman al-Zawahiri during an operation to find the chief.

From the very moment, the news was out, people began to browse the internet and get more details about Hellfire r9x Wikipedia. In the further paragraphs, we will discuss the missile further and gain more insight.

An overview of the Hellfire R9X missle

  • The missile originated in the United States and used no explosive warhead.
  • It is known for causing minimum collateral damage without leaving the target.
  • Besides, it is known as Ninja Missile, which uses razor-sharp blades at the terminal stage during the attacks.
  • During the attack, the blades project out and cut down directly through the target without leading to any damage.

Hellfire r9x Wiki – Why is it popular?

The AGM-114 Hellfire, also known as R9X, is an Air to Ground Missile developed in the United States. It is a weapon in the form of a warhead with the kinetics created and developed in the US. It was first manufactured by Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop Grumman in 1974.

It weighs approximately 45 kg and is designed as an anti-armour. The Hellfire R9X rocket was used to kill Ayman al Zawahiri, a most wanted terrorist and the prime plotter during the 9/11 attacks. As per sources, the US military used the weapon to kill Zawahiri on 31 July 2022 in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, on Hellfire r9x Wikipedia, it has been an achievement for the country and has become viral Worldwide instantly. That has turned it into a subject that is most discussed, and all the countries applaud the US for its prowess and achievement.

Final Conclusion

The missile’s motor is made of Thiokol TX 657, a form of solid fuel with a wingspan of 0.33 meters. As per research, the per unit cost during FY 2021 was estimated to be $150,000.

All the information listed here is taken from sources available on the internet, and we hold no claim to any details. If you wish to learn more about Hellfire r9x Wiki, read.

What are your thoughts about the missile and opinions on it? Do share your experience and feedback in the comments below.

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