Trevor Moore Death Details: What Happened to Him? How Did He Die? Know Info Of His Kids And Cause Of Death!

This article provides you with legit information about Trevor Moore Death Details. You will also see details of his personal life.

Do you know when Trevor Moore died? What is the actual cause behind his death? The Comedy Show ‘The Whitest Kids U Knows’ co-founder died on 7th August. The United States rising star Trevor Moore Death Details are discussed in this article. Read completely to get the right idea about his death.

Although the show was released only 4 months before his death, he suddenly met with a horrible accident and died. 

Correct Reason for Trevor Moore’s Death.

As per the medical examiner of LA County Medical report, Trevor Moore fell from the two-story building. Trevor was standing on the backyard balcony of his house in LA where, due to his unconscious mind, he fell off a balcony and died on the spot after overdrinking. The Trevor Moore Death report also states that he had severe blunt trauma in his head that resulted in his death.

Moreover, the investigation team also discovered that it was not an attempt to suicide. It was just an accident. Authorities also confirmed that they saw the CCTV footage, which clarifies the proper reason behind this accident. After looking at all the conditions and the report of the medical team and authority, it is confirmed that it was just an accident.

Trevor Whitest Kids You Know

Trevor married Aimee Carlson in Brooklyn. They married in October 2010. Trevor met Aimee for the first time at 23, and they married at 30. The couple together had one son; the parents do not reveal information.

The only kid we know of Trevor is one son. Parents also did not reveal the name and age of the kid. Trevor raised great love from the audience in comedy and drama.

What Happened To Trevor Moore?

Trevor Moore was a very successful artist, comedian and film star who worked on more than 20 movies and TV shows at the age of 41. Suddenly, on 6 August, he died by an accident falling from the balcony and had a head stroke which resulted in an unconscious brain and led him to death.

Investigation verified that it was all accident, not any suicide. Also, the medical report examines that Trevor was over drunk before the accident. Trevor Moore Cause of Death is completely clarified in this passage. Do not fall for the false rumour.

Trevor Moore Career

Trevor started his career with the driver show in 1997 when he was just 18 years old. He also participated in many television shows. To get good fame he started getting offers from television shows, movies and comedy clubs to perform. 


The famous comedian of the show ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’ died on 6 August at 41. The cause of death was an accident where he fell from the 2nd floor of his house. How Did Trevor Moore Die? You can read on Trevor Moore at this given link. Also, share precious feedback and comments in the box below.

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