Mentalpsikiyatri com {Feb 2022} Get Useful Information!

This article is mainly penned down to enable you regarding mental health and the authentication of the Mentalpsikiyatri com website in detail.  

Do you love the idea of good mental health? Are you in favour of me-time, mental health prioritizing and all the possible optimistic aspects of mental health? If so, you’re amazing and doing an incredible job both for yourself and for the world. 

You’re doing an extraordinary duty like the people of Turkey and Azerbaijan. They’re blessed with Doctor Turgaykasap, who runs a computer and Internet website. 

It is Mentalpsikiyatri com, helping people become mentally healthy and prosperous. Let’s get to know about this more-

What is This Page About? 

This page was founded with the saying of Mental Health for everyone. The World Health Organisation is, also known as WHO, distinguished fitness as the absolute peace of heart and body. 

Today, several environmental factors like global warming, globalization and many more lead to the poor mental health of all age groups. 

So, it is a firm and beautiful step towards good mental health with the help of the Internet, and social media handles specifically. 

Details Regarding Mentalpsikiyatri com-

  • Website-
  • Website type- Computer and Internet website
  • Running by Dr Turgaykasap 
  • Email ID-
  • Contact Number- +90 216 385 73 18
  • Address- 19 Mayıs Şemsettin Günaltay Caddesi No:101 çamlı apartment k.1 d3, 34736 Kadıköy, Turkey
  • WhatsApp Number- +90 542 425 11 61
  • Landline Number- 02163857318
  • Social Media Handles- WhatsApp and Facebook 
  • Timings- 12:00 – 20:00 from Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 17:00 on Saturday and closed on Sunday. 
  • Types of Places– Mental Health Service, Psychologist and Psychotherapist. 
  • Ratings- 5.0 

Why is Mental Health Important? 

Mentalpsikiyatri com suggests that cognitive fitness encompasses our personal, psychological, and sociable well-being. It influences how we believe, realize, and act. 

It also enables us to infer how we deal with stress, associate with others, and make decent selections. 

Mental health is crucial at every phase of life, from innocence and puberty to maturity. It affects how we acknowledge aura as we cope with life. 

Is Mentalpsikiyatri Safe? 

  • As per our references, the trade volume of this site is 330. This means daily 330 special visitors visit the pageviews. 
  • We found out that the Mentalpsikiyatri com web value is 3,124 USD. Each newcomer makes around 1.07-page impressions on usual.
  • According to the study, Alexa’s commerce rates placed at 306,740 degrees worldwide.
  • It is enrolled under the .com top-level realm. 
  • We found out through the verification results that it has an ineffective SSL contract.
  • By Google Safe Browsing and Symantec, it is a pleasant safe domain.
  • Relying on Google mobile-friendly tests, it is not well optimised for mobiles and tablets. And, it takes a long time to load. 


As a final verdict, the performance of Mentalpsikiyatri com is amazing online. But, the website is not accessible to everyone and not acceptable for mobiles and tablets. 

So, one can use this website as it is safe but it needs a lot of patience. 

What is Your Most Preferable Mental Health Activity? Please share in the comments below.

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