Renting a Car Without Mileage Limits – Is It a Myth

Renting a Car Without Mileage Limits: Renting a car is a service designed to ensure convenience in your travels and daily activities. You choose your vehicle for rent based on these needs. Consider the example of large tourist cities, because it is most illustrative. For example, VAN rental Tel Aviv is, among other things, a frequent search query because of the demand for the service in such cities.

Renting is certainly very easy and practical. But customers are faced with a rent limit. Is it done on purpose to make it more difficult? Or is it even life-saving?

Some arguments in favor of a limit

From experience with its tenant clients, Carngo highlights the following reasons:

  1. Why do we require limits if everything is paid for? You don’t want to control every kilometer and think about the consequences of overspending. So what are the main rules of choice for the car rental companies when they set the limits?
  1. The client’s safety is in the first place. To understand how it is related to the mileage limit, imagine a simple situation. Far out-of-town force majeure happened: the car is out of order. Of course, you can solve the issue on your own, without calling a representative of the company. But then how will you prove that the breakdown was not your fault, but due to a faulty machine?
  1. By setting limits, the rental companies directly or indirectly protect their cars from improper use. Such cases are not uncommon. A client rents a car in the hope of making some extra money illegally with it. And of course, the company lessor is the last to find out about it, and not always… And how to understand afterward what kind of modifications the car was? And after all other clients will rent it later.
  1. The car rental without mileage restrictions can “afford” only the reliable firms, which cars are insured and protected in other ways.

With or without restriction: which is better

If we are talking about a rental car for a short term (1–7 days), then we should proceed with the tasks at hand. It is unlikely that you need an “unlimited” in such cases:

  • for the repair of a personal car – for trips to work
  • for a meeting with business partners
  • during a short vacation

But if you are used to spending the whole day “on wheels”, and your work is associated with endless trips to other cities, you can think about the option without mileage restrictions. Weigh the pros and cons, compare the needs with the cost of rental (for long-term cooperation it is much lower than for a one-day rental), and choose a suitable option.

VAN rental: who does it benefit

Companies involved in cargo transportation must have a sufficient number of vehicles in their arsenal to promptly fulfill the order, including van rental. But there are times when even a large fleet is unable to serve all customers. It is high time to think about buying a new unit! But if it is not in your plans yet, renting a van without a mileage limit will help to solve the problem. The companies preferring such service get a number of advantages.

It takes a few hours to rent the required number of vans, including discussion of details of cooperation with the company lessor and signing a contract.

You do not have to worry about the technical condition of the vehicles. Firms that value their reputation monitor their serviceability and allow their clients to verify this. Before executing the agreement, the representatives of the leasing company have the right to examine the truck for any external defects and possible faults. If there are any, they are recorded in the act, and, at the request of the customer, a decision to replace the vehicle is made.

The company providing the service is responsible for the maintenance of the truck and the payment of transport tax. The client, in his turn, undertakes to return it in one piece within the terms specified in the contract.

If necessary, it is possible to rent a van or a truck without a driver without a mileage limit. This is especially true for companies whose activities are directly related to transportation, including long distances.

Add to this the lack of need to keep on the balance several units of equipment, the cost of their maintenance – and the benefits of rental trucks and vans become even more evident.

How to choose the right vehicle

If the option of a car is determined more by subjective criteria (brand, comfort level, trunk capacity), the trucks and vans are chosen based on the needs of the company and the specifics of their activities. As a rule, such points are taken as a basis:

  • tonnage
  • length and width of the body
  • side height
  • availability of a tent

The signing of the contract is preceded by an inspection of each transport unit (if more than one car is rented), a discussion of the rental terms, and clarification of its conditions. The customer is warned about possible penalties: for example, a delay of up to 4 hours without notice or with a warning for a day “costs” $100 per hour.

Is it profitable to rent a van without a driver

Now there are offers to rent vans (Gazelle, foreign cars) without a driver. You rent a car and drive it yourself. The price of about 40 dollars a day. For the move, is it a suitable option?

This is a very suitable option, as taking the van to rent a day you will pay only $40 and approximately $10, of course, spend on gasoline, without that anywhere not to disappear. And if you call for a car for transportation with a driver, then you will have to pay an hourly fee, and it’s about 10-12 dollars per hour. But if you need to transport many things, then you will agree it is not profitable.


For the sake of the day, companies, Carngo among others, began to present one of the popular services – “Exemption from Liability”. Its essence is that the tenant is completely released from liability for damage caused to the vehicle. The list of conditions should be checked with the car rental company. Read the terms of the contract carefully, follow them clearly – and car rental without restrictions and collateral will be a useful tool for your business or everyday personal affairs.

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